Optimize Your Home for Relaxation, Work, or Both

Some of us want our homes to be a calm respite from the noise of the work, a place where we can relax. Others, meanwhile, may want a well-organized home office, where we can get our work done easily. The good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. It’s possible to make your home both of these things, and Donly Educate will show you how.

Clearing Clutter Makes Your Home More Relaxing

The first step to making your home a calm and peaceful place is clearing the clutter because clutter can prevent you from being able to focus. Start with one room, or one corner of one room, if the task seems daunting. Begin with a box for donations to charity, a trash bag, and a laundry basket (for things that need to be put away). Decide on a small area and don’t stop until you have dealt with all of the clutter in that area. Be sure to clear any flat surfaces of items piled there to be dealt with later.

Set Up a Relaxation Area

Consider a fresh coat of paint in a calming color for your bedroom, or any room you devote to relaxation or wellness activities, such as meditation. Adding a low-maintenance house plant can enhance the ambiance, as well as help to clean the air. Make sure the room where you sleep can be kept cool and dark at night. You might need some light-blocking drapes.

Store Things Out of Sight

Spend some time clearing out clutter before tackling storage issues. When possible, choose closed or hidden storage. Some furniture is designed to do double duty as both storage and whatever was its primary purpose. Beds, ottomans, and even some tables have storage spaces built in beneath the top surfaces. The fewer items visible in a room, the less distraction you’ll experience.  

Create a Backyard Retreat Space

This might take the form of a porch with rocking chairs, where you can watch the birdfeeder, an outdoor bar with chaise lounges, or even an outdoor kitchen and/or picnic area. If you enjoy grilling out, setting up a place for that could be wonderful. Whether you simply add a grill or go all out with a sink, refrigerator, and range hood, when the weather is mild, this will be the place that your family and friends want to be. 

Making Your Home Office as Comfortable as Possible

Managing incoming papers and information is critical, so establish a system. Sort papers into stacks that should be recycled, filed, or acted upon. Set up a separate tray or bin for each of these categories. Evaluate your office furniture — is your desk at the proper height for minimal strain on your hands, arms, back, and eyes, when working on the computer? Do you have a supportive office chair? Both these things can make an enormous difference in the amount of daily wear and tear you experience.  

Also, if you use a separate entrance for your home-based business, it’s important that you make sure that your colleagues, suppliers, and clients know where to find you, so it’s worth considering outdoor signs. This is also a great way to add a sense of class and professionalism to your business.

Think about Your Planning System

The most important thing about your planning system is whether you’ll use it regularly, so make sure it suits your preferences. If you want to go with an online system there are lots of good digital models to choose from. If you prefer to go with a paper planner, calendar, or datebook, that can also work. 

Use Your Lighting Strategically

Whether in your relaxation areas or home office, be sure you have adequate lighting. Eyestrain quickly increases overall fatigue.  One good choice is pendant lighting. This is especially good in small homes or spaces. A pendant light is a great way to provide focused light in an area, such as an office nook, hall table, or a recliner where you read. Also, consider a pendant light. Pendant lights are generally more energy-efficient and come in many different styles and sizes.

Create Your Idea Space

Your home should be your oasis when you need it, and your zone when you need to focus. Fortunately, you can modify your home to be these things with just a few simple – and inexpensive – steps. Take the time to create systems and spaces for your paperwork and other items, as they accumulate and cause unnecessary anxiety. Then, add touches, like lighting, color choices, and greenery that can set the mood you want. Begin with small areas and gradually expand until your home is a place where you’re eager to work or relax.

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