16 Steps on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel from 0 2022

16 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Everything You need to know about How To Grow Your YouTube Channel from 0 There is no secret that YouTube has become one of the most popular social media platforms of all time, with billions of views every day and over 2 billion users worldwide.

With such massive potential, you might be wondering why you aren’t reaching more people or making more money on your channel.

But the truth is that growing your YouTube channel isn’t easy, but it can be done if you apply yourself and work hard at it. Here are top 10 ways to grow your channel.

1) Research Your Target Audience

Before you even think about uploading your first video, it’s important to do some research on your target audience. That way, you can create content that will appeal to them. Start by taking a look at other channels in your niche and see what kind of content is performing well. This is how to grow your youtube channel fast.

If you don’t have access to Google Analytics for your own channel, use a free tool like SocialBlade or TubeBuddy as an alternative. Use these tools to see what videos are getting views, shares, comments, and subscribers so you can try creating similar content that your target audience will enjoy.

2) Look at Competitors

look at your competitors and consider how they are achieving their numbers and what makes them unique. If your competitors have a lot of videos with low engagement or their video quality is subpar, then it may be worth having a conversation with yourself before beginning.

You don’t want to waste time making (and posting) videos that no one will watch or enjoy watching. Look at other channels in your niche and try to make yours better.

3) Promote Your YouTube Videos on Social media 

You should also take advantage of other social channels. Promote your video on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn profile. You can also promote your videos through Google+ communities and Google’s Plus page.

If you have an email list or newsletter, add a link there as well. If you don’t have one of these avenues available, set one up – it’s free!. Another platform to share your youtube links is Pinterest,  Instagram, Quora, and many more. there are a lot of platforms to share your youtube links.

4) Use Consistent Tags and Keywords

One of the most overlooked ways to grow your channel is by consistently tagging and keyword-ing your videos correctly. After all, how else will people find you if you don’t tell them what you upload is about? Aside from a growing subscriber base and constantly increasing view counts, consistent tagging can help boost search engine optimization (or SEO) for your channel as well. By incorporating specific keywords into your video titles, tags, thumbnails, and descriptions when uploading new content each week or month (depending on how often you put out videos), it will not only make it easier for people searching for those terms or topics to find your video, but will also give Google a better idea of what kind of content is popular on your channel. Which means more traffic!

5) Don’t Forget About Titles

How many times have you watched a video because of its thumbnail? If your answer is yes, often then you should take as much care in crafting a video title as you do with a post title. Most people don’t go past that thumbnail, so it better be eye-catching! The same principle applies to each individual word in your title. If you want viewers to watch more than one of your videos, then make sure each word in your titles is important and relevant to what viewers will learn from watching. Make sure your titles attract readers to click n watch your videos.

6) Post Great Thumbnails & Leverage YouTube Cards

Thumbnails are an important part of a video’s success. In fact, YouTube says that having a great thumbnail can make or break your video. Making sure your thumbnails are eye-catching and also appropriate is essential. Once you’ve got great thumbnails, it’s time to start promoting them using YouTube cards, a powerful tool that allows you to add clickable CTAs anywhere on your channel—including in your thumbnails. When viewers click on one of these cards, they’re taken directly to whatever URL you specify and are counted as views for that specific video, helping boost its overall view count.

6) Add Descriptions/Captions/Transcripts

Adding descriptions and transcripts gives viewers more ways to interact with your videos. Captions allow viewers who speak different languages to understand what’s going on in your video, while transcripts allow them to read a script of what you said. Both are valuable for expanding an audience. There are also SEO benefits for adding these features (more on that below). If you want people across all devices—and not just on desktops—to be able to watch your videos, it’s important that they can do so without any trouble.

7) Upload High-Quality Videos

Whenever someone sees a video from your channel, they’re assessing whether or not you’re worth their time. That judgment is going to be based on many factors, but one of them will be your video quality. If you upload grainy, shaky videos that are difficult to watch then it doesn’t matter how brilliant your content is—no one will watch. Put some time and effort into creating high-quality videos that people will want to see over and over again.

8) Publish Regularly

One of the best ways to grow your channel is by publishing regularly. The more content you publish, and share on social media, the more people will be introduced to your channel. Consistency is key here; post a new video at least once a week. This doesn’t have to be a full-length video—in fact, it could just be clips from your longer videos or short how-to videos—as long as you’re consistently adding new content for people to watch and like. If you struggle with coming up with ideas for new videos or can’t seem to find time in your busy schedule, many websites can help you produce content on demand.

9) Interact with Viewers

As any growing YouTube channel will tell you, viewer engagement is key. One of the best ways to ensure high levels of viewer engagement is through asking questions. Before your start filming a new video, ask your viewers what topics they’d like covered or what future videos they’d like to see. This helps you tailor future content and ensures that people are invested in both you and your content. It’s also a great way to encourage loyalty: viewers who feel invested in your channel are more likely to become subscribers and interact with future content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10) Create Original Videos

It’s become a cliche at this point, but it is true: if you want people to watch your videos, make sure that they are unique and interesting. The number one reason why someone would subscribe or follow someone on YouTube is if they like what they do. This means that for your channel to grow, you have to have a consistent flow of new content and regularly post about things you find interesting. 

11) Run a contest or giveaway

Running a contest or giveaway is one of our favorite ways to grow our YouTube channel. Contests give viewers an incentive for visiting your channel more often, subscribing, and commenting on videos. They can also encourage them to share your content with their friends! As a bonus, contest entries make great fodder for new video content as you pick from questions and comments submitted by users. 

12) Encourage viewers to follow your series

One of the best ways to grow your channel is by encouraging viewers who love what you have to offer to follow your series and subscribe. YouTube recommends keeping all video descriptions at least somewhat intriguing so users will click through and check out other videos in your series. Additionally, if a viewer has followed one of your series but hasn’t subscribed yet, you can prompt them by placing subscribe for more in either your video title or description. Or, if you just want people searching for something specific on Youtube (ie: gaming content) to find you and check out some of your videos, put it in both areas! 

13) Embed your YouTube videos

So you’ve uploaded your videos, but they still might not be getting any views—and that’s just not okay. The solution? Embed them on your website or social media pages so that you can push those viewers back to YouTube. Not only will your videos get more exposure, but they can help increase traffic and subscribers for your channel, too. 

14) Create playlists to organize your YouTube content

One great way to organize your content is by creating playlists. For example, if you’re a gamer, create a gaming playlist where you can add all of your most recent videos about playing different games. Or if you have an assortment of vlogs, create a separate vlogging playlist for those. It helps fans find your content more easily, and it also makes it easy for them to subscribe to new content that might interest them. Remember: Just because it’s on your channel doesn’t mean they have seen it yet! As we mentioned earlier, they could be subscribed but not follow along every single day of your upload schedule.

15) Increase engagement with calls to action

If you want your channel to grow and your content to be seen, it’s important to increase engagement with calls to action. There are several different kinds of CTAs that help get more viewers and engagement. You can integrate them into a video by using something as simple as text overlay on a lower third graphic or include a click here or subscribe now button in the actual video. And don’t forget about live streams, which allow you to interact with viewers while they watch—allowing for even higher engagement than other videos because you can answer questions live and have conversations in real-time. These tools make it easier for users to watch your videos on any device at any time, so take advantage of them!

16) Run a paid YouTube ad campaign

There are many ways to grow your channel. You can pay for a large-scale YouTube ad campaign, but keep in mind that a lot of viewers will see your ad—but not actually click it and watch your video.

That’s why paid ads alone aren’t enough, but they do help. Ultimately, you want organic growth where people find your videos naturally and subscribe, which is something that you can’t force. And though you can invest in advertising to speed up your process, spending time making high-quality content helps more than anything else.

Make sure your content is relevant (to your audience) and unique (to YouTube), so that people feel compelled to share it with their friends! Once someone likes one of your videos, he or she is much more likely to check out other ones. And as you grow, remember:

The most important metric isn’t how many subscribers you have or even how many views; it’s engagement (that is, did someone take action because of watching a video?). Consider viewing statistics as an afterthought compared with engagement metrics such as likes, comments, or shares.