Bluehost Vs Siteground

Bluehost Vs Siteground

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today we’re going to talk about something a little bit controversial Bluehost vs Siteground.Some people made it very clear to me that this was a topic that was going to be controversial.

Whether I liked it or not, today we’re going to be talking about the  Bluehost vs siteground.i will be sharing with you my honest review.

At the end of this article you will be able to choose bluehost or siteground.there is so much things to learn in this article.

both of these companies are companies that provide

hosting services for people who want to start websites.

So basically when you start a website you need to have someone host your website you could self-host it but that’s complicated and there are options it’s called 

shared hosting where for a very small price you’ll pay a company to host your website that it can be live for the entire world to see.

two very popular companies one being bluehost and the other siteground.there’s this battle between the two and a few other very popular ones which I’ll cover in other article.

I’ve done quite a bit of research to try and figure out which one is best and not only that but why people like each one and for what reasons and so I have a few criteria that I ran each of these through.

I do have to say this I use Bluehost and I recommend Bluehost because of certain criteria and as I explored

and looked through siteground I did find that it was a very valuable and reasonable option for people starting websites.

going through this I’m doing it as best as I possibly can. I’m not trying to be biased towards one or the other.

I’m trying to put all that aside, especially since I do use Bluehost and just kind of take things for what they are and kind of look at  pros and cons of  bluehost vs siteground.

the first thing that I want to talk about both of them is their popularity now between the two I can’t say which

One is the more popular bluehost vs siteground. Each hosting provider has more than 2 million websites being used or hosted through their services.

As far as popularity goes they’re both extremely popular. For that one seems to be a tie to me. I don’t think that one is necessarily more popular than the other.I think that for different people it’s just a little bit of a different fit.

Which one is easy to use?

 When you are first starting to build a website it is so overwhelming especially if you’ve never done it before.

For people who are brand new, it’s a lot harder so ease of use is really important.

we’ll start with Bluehost working through their process

is fairly easy, the onboarding or sign-up process is pretty easy.

you can go and see their sales page basically you just pick a plan after you pick a plan you choose

the domain name and after you have a domain name all you have to do is just sign in. It’s not that hard as far as getting things.

Getting your domain set up and getting WordPress installed on your domain again it’s a very easy process. It should take less than an hour even for those of you who are brand new.

easy to use. I’m giving them probably a 7 out of 10. there are some things that you will have to read through and kind of start to understand but their back end is just kind of a regular cPanel pretty typical for hosting let me show you here

you can see here this is a google image of a Cpanel

and basically what it is is it’s just away with all the technology working behind the scenes.a cpanel is just an easy way for a user to get in and navigate the backend very simply and easily.

Bluehost uses a cpanel and I would say that overall it’s pretty good something that I could say for someone

who’s just getting started is that there are a lot of options 

their Cpanel has a lot of things in there and they’re all necessary but for the beginner maybe they could do a little bit better at just very easily directing them through

exactly what they need to use rather than having all the extra options around.

for siteground I looked at only screenshots of their back end but again also looks pretty clean pretty easy to use

I’ve never actually walked through their process so I can’t say from personal experience but I did read a lot of reviews that did say it was pretty simple.

probably 7 or  out of 10 I think they’re pretty easy and then something that’s very directly related to ease of use is the support when someone’s just getting started building a website.

they’re excited and you just jump right in and then you have a hard time and you get discouraged and you need some help.

both siteground and Bluehost do offer the support you can see HERE on their sales page support is something that they both talk about on the siteground site it says that they have available 24 7 help center  very quick and I do have to say that this is something where it does seem like siteground does excel as far as Bluehost support 

they do have a chat and a phone option I’ve used both quite a few times and I’ve never been let down as to being helped with exactly what i needed.

 I do have to say that from other people who I know who have used Bluehost I have had some conflicting reviews  there have been some people who have been helped right away easily.

 if they weren’t able to figure out the issue themselves they would just call Bluehost and the Bluehost representative would just take care of it for them and I think that’s great. some people said they just had kind of a bad experience they weren’t helped or it took a long time and so I would give siteground probably a 9 out of 10 on support and maybe Bluehost a 6 or 7 out of 10 just because of those conflicting reports.

in the end, both do have customer support and I haven’t had a bad experience with Bluehost

and of course, I haven’t used siteground but from all the reviews it sounds like they do a really good job making sure that their customers are taken care of all right as far as features are included.

Bluehost vs siteground basic plan

I’m going to be looking at kind of the basic plans that both of the companies offer because for people who

are just getting started again probably starting with the basic plan is the best way to go starting with.

  • siteground they start for 6.99 a month you get
  • 1 website 
  • 10 gigabytes of space 
  • 10 000 monthly visits 
  • unmetered traffic
  • free SSL 
  • daily backups 
  • CDN email manage WordPress
  • unlimited databases

That’s exactly everything that you’re going to need to get started.

Bluehost does offer  very similar things for their 2.95 a month that you get

  • 1 website
  • 50 gigabit or gigabytes of storage 
  • unmetered bandwidth 
  • free SSL
  • standard performance
  • they do include one domain five-pack domains and 25 subdomains

With their basic plan Bluehost does offer a little more there just because you do get a free domain for your first year of hosting.

 they’re very similar, nice about Bluehost as they do offer a lot more storage than siteground.

 Bluehost offers 50 gigabytes while siteground only offers 10. so if you’re looking to start something that’s

A big Bluehost could be a good option there but 10 gigabytes is probably enough even on siteground.

Pricing for Bluehost vs siteground 

the pricing for the startup on siteground it’s 6.99 a month. It says it’s discounted from 14.99 a month but all of their prices and plans say that so I’m not sure if it’s just a marketing tactic or if it’s true.

Bluehost does the same thing it says 2.95 a month

was eight dollars a month or 7.99. that’s if you get like 36 months of hosting. If you don’t get 36 months of hosting I think for the first year it’s like three or four dollars a month and I would assume that siteground might do something very similar with Bluehost.

 as I mentioned you do get a free domain with Bluehost so after you select your plan you ot will took you to a page where you can choose your domain it’ll tell you what’s taken and what’s not.

the same thing  for siteground you either say that you have a domain or you register a new one for getting a new domain for siteground for your first year it will be 15.95 at the time of this article and so there’s a few

give or takes their siteground is a little more expensive

Bluehost is for their cheap plan as far as scalability goes there’s unmetered bandwidth on both of these options and so you can grow your website as large as you want.

Siteground is known to be a little bit faster than Bluehost and I’ve heard that many times and I believe that that’s true.siteground very well could be able to support your website to a larger size than what Bluehost could support.

Bluehost is a great option for when you’re getting started but maybe once you get to the 30 or 40 000 page views a month maybe you’re going to need to switch hosts whereas with siteground 

I have heard and read and seen that they are a little bit faster and so as you grow your audience you might be able to stay with them a little bit longer which is fantastic both companies are working hard to keep all their sites secure and I haven’t read anything wrong with either one of them.

So I think they’re about equal there overall. Looking at siteground I was impressed. I know there are a lot of great options out there. I don’t think that Bluehost is the only option.

I do recommend Bluehost I’ve had a really good experience with them and most of the people who I have recommended there do have a good experience with Bluehost but I understand that it’s not for everybody and so I think siteground is a fantastic option

but I still recommend Bluehost it’s a little bit cheaper to get started and it just has what you need the way that I talk about blogging the way that I teach blogging in my course is that you are working for organic traffic

That takes time to build. You probably won’t start getting any traffic for maybe the first eight to 12 months and so it’s not worth it to me to pay for the fastest site and just have all those extra little things when you’re not having any traffic to your site.

Bluehost it’s a little bit slower, maybe for some people the customer support’s not perfect. If you’re getting started you can just get the basics to plan the price is right for you.

 Overall I think both are great. I’m going to be looking into siteground more. Maybe one of the next sites that I built I’ll build with siteground so that I can see what it is and kind of have my own experience with it.

I’ve been impressed with both of them if you are looking for someone to host your website just make your pick see which one is best for you I still recommend Bluehost just because it’s a little bit cheaper as you get more traffic as you make more money on there you can move to something that works a little bit better.

I hope this article has been helpful. It opened my eyes to kind of look at these two different platforms to see which one was better and I think that they’re both great options.