How To Set Up A Blog with WordPress in 20 Minutes

how to set up a blog with wordpress want to learn how you can Start a Blogging Side Business ? best thing we ever did was to learn how to set up a blog with wordpress in 20 minutes..

Have you ever wondered how to start a side business blogging? If you have seen people boasting about how they make every month, but you don’t know where to begin, this article is for you. 

It’s important that you get started as soon as possible with your WordPress blog, so we’ll show you how to set up a blog with wordpress in 20 minutes right away. 

Our article today is designed to show you how you can set up a WordPress blog at the lowest possible cost and as easily as possible! 

In this guide, you will learn how to get started with a WordPress blog step-by-step in less than 20 minutes!

How To Set Up A Blog with WordPress

Learn how to set up a WordPress blog step-by-step in just 10 minutes!  Our lives have been transformed by blogging and affiliate marketing. It allowed us to earn additional income, as well as helping us to become financially free 

You only need to spend a few dollars per month if you want to create your money-making website or blog on WordPress with BlueHost (it’s the cheapest option available!). 

You are at the right place if you want to learn how to start an awesome money-making WordPress blog – I will guide you through the process step-by-step. 

The process of set up a blog with WordPress can be intimidating, but I assure you that you can do it. If you read this article, you can get a detailed tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog in 20 minutes. 

It’s understandable if you can’t invest a lot into your blog right away. Only $75 of my own money has been invested in this blog so far. Starting a blog on a budget is not difficult at all if you are willing to put in the effort (30 minutes per day is required You will be able to get a FREE domain with a WordPress blog 

If you go on bluehost you will receive a free blog domain and the lowest prices currently available for hosting your blog. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these great prices, since I am not sure how long these offers will last. It is also important for you to start your blogging journey as soon as possible so that you can begin living the life of your dreams as soon as possible! 

There are many reasons why WordPress is an excellent platform for creating blogs I am convinced that if you want to start a blog, then a WordPress blog is the only way to go.

I would HIGHLY recommend you sign up with Bluehost as soon as possible (click here to start. You can find my detailed instructions on setting up a WordPress blog by reading below. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you How To Set Up A Blog with WordPress in 20 minutes 

First Step: Choosing a Domain Name

Your new WordPress blog must have a .com address! I always recommend .com (or .net) as the end of your domain because it just has a more professional feel to it. This is the very first step when starting a WordPress blog. 

The following are a few suggestions you should keep in mind when choosing a domain name. 

You should make sure that it is relevant to the content of your website. However, it should be vague enough to allow you some flexibility if your niche site slowly changes its focus over time. 

Make it short and simple. In other words, do not use long, complicated words such as ‘unconventional prosperity’….moving on…

Verify that it is not the name of an existing company – a simple Google search should suffice to determine this. One of my early websites was named in part with the name of another company. I was contacted and politely asked to change it. The moral of the story is that they will find you

Make sure you do a domain search. Your domain name choice needs to be checked to make sure that it’s available. Right now, you can easily do this by typing the domain name that you would like to use into the box provided below.

Step Two: Hosting Platform

So, what name have you chosen for your blog? Checked its availability above? The most important thing you can do is to take ACTION as soon as possible.Some so many people procrastinate for months before starting a blog because they want

the perfect name! You can always change the name of your blog at a later date by registering another domain name as the primary and redirecting your existing domain name to the new one. 

With bluehost you receive a free domain, so take advantage of this! Having decided on a name for your blog, you then need to choose a host – this is the company that will keep your blog online and accessible to everyone. 

Given the amount of time and effort that goes into a blog over years, your choice of blog hosting is very important. I have heard horror stories about certain hosting companies having their servers crash and people losing everything (it happened to my wife a few weeks ago). 

Bluehost has always hosted our multiple blogs and websites. We have always been very happy with the service that they provide for us.How to start blog with wordpress in 10 minutesEvery time a new blogger asks me how to start a WordPress blog, I tell them that WordPress is AMAZING and simply the best platform.

The platform is extremely easy to use, as well as the relationship they have developed over the past decade with a well-known hosting company, Bluehost, which is beneficial to new bloggers. 

When you start your blog with WordPress and use Bluehost for the hosting, you get a company that knows WordPress extremely well, so that’s a huge advantage. 

So basically having the hosting company handle your blog set up is a huge time saver, and they are WordPress experts, so it becomes easier and faster to do it.

Domain Privacy Protection

Domain privacy protection is something I recommend – I made the mistake of not purchasing it once and it was a DISASTER. People immediately flooded me with junk emails and phone calls offering me SEO services etc. 

If you don’t buy domain privacy protection, anyone can contact you, and since it is a new site, they want to sell you tools, services, etc. Domain privacy protection is only $0.99 a month and worth it! 

Take advantage of my link for a free domain and a low-cost hosting package! 

Step 3: Ready To Create Your Blog?

Let’s go! To start your own self-hosted blog.

bluehost packages

Input the domain name you want to use. Please complete the personal and payment information. Make sure that you choose and enter a strong password for your account.

Step 4: The installation of WordPress and Bluehost

You have reached the stage where your blog comes to life and becomes a real thing! Bluehost and WordPress make it very simple to launch a blog – which is one of the reasons why I recommend them so highly. There is no technical coding required!

WordPress is now automatically installed with every Bluehost hosting purchase. With Bluehost, you can set up your hosting and blogging platform with just a click. If you follow these easy steps, you’ll have a blogging site up and running within no time. 

Learn how to start a blog with WordPress in 10 minutes Step By Step Guide Upon logging into Bluehost, you will be asked to enter the password you created.

You will be asked to pick a theme. There are many free themes, but you can also pay a small premium for one you like. It’s better for you to just go with a free one at this point, and you can always choose something that has more customization options later.

Next, click on the “Start Building” button. 


There you have it! You now have your self-hosted WordPress blog! It is now up to you to write some good articles and to create a quality theme. 

You now have a good understanding of how to start a blogging side business using Bluehost and WordPress. After you have created a blog, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing. See the links below to learn how we monetize this blog and how you can do the same. 

Many people love the idea of starting a blogging side hustle but never take action. Make sure you go for it because execution is everything. 

Good luck! 

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