Top 13 Online business ideas for Teenagers

Online Business Ideas For TEENAGERS

How Can I make Money Online As A Teenager?. Here are 13 online business ideas to make money online as a teenager. Earning extra money does not have to be difficult.

In the world of internet marketing, there are a great many ways that you can make money on the Internet. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish if you sacrifice a few hours a day to doing something you care about rather than watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram.

Since I started the online money-making business four years ago, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you combine a few of these money-making ideas, you could easily make $100 or more a day online, or offline.

You’ll soon have a healthy pile of cash!

Donly parker is my name.

Take a look at these 13 ways to earn $100 or more a day online in your spare time:

1. Becoming a personal trainer can be rewarding. 

personal trainer

Isn’t that simple? Learn how to become a personal trainer, get some clients, charge them an hourly fee, and start earning money. Personal trainers can make money in principle very easily.

However, personal training can be complex and challenging in nature. Trainers have a lot of money-making opportunities. Those who want to lose weight, get in shape, learn about exercise, eat a healthier diet, and more will always need your help.

Making enough money requires a strategy. To succeed in any profession, you must work hard and make wise decisions. Are you wondering what would be the best way for a personal trainer to earn money? Working from Home Virtual personal trainers are a real thing when it comes to earning money outside of the gym.

Online personal trainers will train clients through video conferencing, online chat, and online content. Your support will help people achieve their health goals even though you are not physically present. However, this can be a difficult way to earn money.

You can also increase your income as a personal trainer by doing the following online:

Make sure to post engaging content, connect with influencers, and interact with followers regularly. The result of this would be that it would attract the attention of virtual clients.  

• Start a fitness blog

You can use a blog to create content, attract new personal training clients, and increase your fitness industry impact. Provide educational content that your target audience will love, as well as posts that are easy to read.

• Workouts on Sale

You can create and sell online fitness workouts aimed at particular needs or audiences, such as weight loss, lower body strength, or running. The more influence you have over social media, the easier it will be to sell your knowledge.

The best way to reach out to a wide audience of potential new customers is to hold a conference or seminar in person, but you can do so online as well. Offer online conferences or short courses on topics including senior fitness, stretching, and weight-loss nutrition.

A personal trainer must have certification, passion, and hard work to earn money. Those qualifications will give you a good chance of succeeding in this field.

2. Earn money finding bugs by working as a website penetration tester?


There are a variety of online bug bounty programs for which you can join. Many of these platforms allow users to participate in bug bounty programs run by well-known companies around the world. They will pay you to identify vulnerabilities in their websites and applications.

This has become a full-time business for some security researchers. For testing websites for security, you will need tools and training that can teach you about SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and buffer overflow attacks in detail.

The following are the most common Bug Bounty websites available right now:

One of the largest ethical hacking groups on the internet. A large number of well-known companies and brands host bug bounty programs there. Depending on your luck, you may get invited to exclusive private programs at

They have a stringent application process that few people can pass. Ensure that you understand what you’re doing before you submit.

Join their exclusive “Tiger Team” and get exclusive benefits. is one of Europe’s largest pen-testing communities. They cover web, network, and IoT penetration testing.

You can join their red team and work on high-paying private projects.

Security researchers are paid according to their level of skill and experience. Higher-impact vulnerabilities are compensated more.

You will receive points for every vulnerability report you submit. Points can be redeemed for money.

You earn points by interacting with the site. As you advance, the payouts increase.

3. Sell stock images 

If you’re a photographer who’s looking to make a little extra cash, you’ve probably thought about stock photography at some point. Perhaps you hoped to be able to do something about the hundreds of unused images scattered across several hard drives.

Perhaps the idea of letting someone else sell your images appealed to you. You can benefit from your photographs by submitting them to the following websites.


According to Shutterstock you can make up to $120 per picture download. On the other hand, this site’s pricing structure is a little confusing, but the more you earn (“lifetime earnings”), the more money you take home for each picture.

Over 500 million downloads have generated more than $300 million for contributors, indicating this collection is in demand. A wide range of stock video footage, including HD and 4K video footage, as well as photos and vectors can be found at Shutterstock.

It is also possible for you to gain a commission by referring photographers, usually around four cents for every picture sold. If a customer refers a friend who purchases images, you will receive a 20% commission of up to $200.


Stock photos have been sold on this website since 2001. It has a large number of contributors and they carefully review potential candidates to ensure they are a good choice because it has been around for a while.

The application process is simple and easy. You only need to choose a topic out of a list of categories, then submit a free application. This application will include photographs, drawings, videos, or audio.

Your qualifications will be reviewed by iStockphoto and you will be asked to complete a short quiz to test your knowledge. As a final step in the process, you will be required to submit a few samples of your work to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

As soon as you have been approved by iStockphoto, you will receive a minimum of 15% of the revenue. When you have the “Exclusive” status, your earnings will increase by up to 45 percent.


Etsy is much more than just a place to purchase wedding decorations, custom Halloween costumes, and unusual cat-themed gifts. The pictures you take can also be sold!

Despite the fee structure that Etsy has set up which rewards photographers with its 3.5 percent of the sale price plus 20% of the sale price, you must still put in a lot of hard work to generate sales.

The people who browse stock image websites are searching for images specifically, but not every visitor to Etsy is searching for them. Additionally, people looking for pictures might not consider Etsy.

Consequently, if you decide to sell your photos on this web, you will have to devote a lot of time and effort to sell your designs and images. However, since Etsy charges only a small percentage of each transaction, it might be worth your time.

Etsy offers a helpful handbook that teaches you about branding, promotion, pricing, and how to excel on the platform. Your earning potential is nearly limitless when you open your own Etsy shop.

4. You can do tasks on Mturk.

Using Amazon Mechanical Turk as an example, Mturk links requesters (individuals and businesses) with a worldwide workforce (known as workers). sourcing marketplace that connects them.

Known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) are jobs that require human intelligence to complete, and on-demand employees can browse and complete them for money.

If you are over the age of 18 and have access to the internet and a computer with an internet connection, you can sign up and earn up to $10 per hour as part of a remote, 100% online work opportunity through Mturk.

Video- how to make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Identifying objects in an image or video, tagging objects in an image, auditing user uploads, removing duplicate content from business listings, and finding duplicate products in a catalog are some of the popular tasks on the MTurk marketplace.

Some of the most popular tasks on the MTurk marketplace include identifying objects in an image or video, tagging objects in images, auditing user uploads, removing duplicate content from business listings, and finding duplicate products in a catalog.

5. Work as an online consultant 

Do you want to learn how to make money as a consultant? If you believe that it is difficult, believe me, it is not. If you are a consultant, you can earn money in a variety of ways, including social media consulting, IT consulting, home staging consulting, environmental consulting, and more.

Start by listing your skills and experience.

Is there anything you excel at?

What is your favorite pastime?

If you are interested in consulting, you can use your interests to earn a decent living. As a consultant, you can make money in either full-time or part-time mode. If you decide to work as a consultant full-time, then you have the choice of either being a full-time consultant or a side-gig consultant.

On the other hand, it is also important to focus on how to make money as a consultant. Work still works, no matter how much or how little you enjoy it. Many consultants are more comfortable being paid by the project as opposed to being billed by the hour.

If you want to succeed in this field, you need to be paid fairly -and even generously -right from the beginning. You should first determine the relevant consulting rates to be a good consultant.

Being a consultant has a lot of benefits, however, what comes with it is also a lot of hard work and risk. It should be reflected in your hourly wage. In reality, the average consulting fee per hour varies from thirty dollars to several hundred dollars.

6. You can sell coupons online. 

In the marketing industry, coupons have been introduced as an extra step for the customer. There are records or tickets that the manufacturer or retailer creates and that can be used by the consumer.

You can redeem them for a discount on all products in the store and they are redeemable. When you have a discount, you will be able to save some money on your purchases.


It is an excellent idea to use coupons as a method of promoting the brand of your business. A variety of promotional incentives are offered to attract new customers.

The newspapers, magazines, envelopes, and telephones are all used throughout the country to distribute these tickets, but they are distributed through magazines in particular. You may also choose to send them directly to your customers.

The purpose of these tickets and documents is to entice potential customers to shop with us who would otherwise shop elsewhere, if not for the discount.

A smartphone or internet access is almost a necessity for almost every person in modern society. As a result, you should try selling coupons on the internet to reach a large number of customers at one time.

Working from home is a good way to earn a full-time income or part-time income providing you with flexibility. Ideally, you would need to have a reliable and secure internet connection to be able to sell coupons online.

Find out which website will be the most effective in promoting your discount offers. Make sure to browse through online stores regularly to keep up with new trends and different ways to boost your sales.

To make more money, you should go for short-term coupons. These are advantageous since customers would only be able to utilize each coupon for a limited time, if at all.

There are many reputable places where you can sell your coupons at a fair price; it is just a matter of finding the right place. eBay and Craigslist are two of these kinds of websites.

It is possible to purchase coupons at a low cost and then resell them at a higher cost. What you need is a little market study and a clear understanding of your target market.

7.Develop an app 

The first step in making money with an app is to create an app. It means that you’ll need to come up with an exciting concept that people will want to download.

If you don’t have a specific app concept in mind, you can always think of a problem you’re having and a solution to it. What are some apps you enjoy that you think could be improved? If that is the case, why not create an application that incorporates the changes?

Instagram was created partially because the makers of Instamatic liked the filters but wished it was simpler to share images. The app is also one of the most popular of all time.

If you want to make money from your app, then you should think of it from the very beginning of the development process. Suppose you want to monetize your app with advertisements, for example, then you need to make sure that you design space for banner ads while you are designing it.

Additionally, if you wish to run a subscription service, you will have to determine which features are open to all users and which are only available to those who have paid. I am going to give you three different methods on how to make money from your app.

Sell Your App 

Creating the possibility to make a profit from your app is potentially the most straightforward method of generating income from your app. The only thing you need to do is develop an app and then monetize users who download it.

Users will easily be able to pay for applications both on Google Play and in the App Store, so you already have a ready-made audience. Becoming a good person, on the other hand, can be challenging.

To get people to use your paid app, you will need to provide a lot of value. If you already have an audience to whom you can sell your app or if you have a budget to devote to app promotion, this will be of great help.

you’ll also need to put a lot of effort into your app store listing since you’ll have to give users a pretty good idea of what your app is like without allowing them to try it.

When determining the price of your app, there are several factors to consider. You can check out the average price of similar apps to get an idea of how much you will have to spend.

You will need to figure out how much it would cost to get one person to download your app if you choose to use ads to get people to buy your app. The use of a subscription is a great way to get recurring payments. Developers and app stores charge users a monthly fee for the use of an app.

This fee is normally charged annually, but developers can offer users the option of paying in advance over a longer period – for example, for a year or quarterly – in exchange for a discount.

Typically, this is a method of monetization that has gained popularity among apps that offer software as a service or media streaming.

If you are looking for something to help you stream, you can go for something like Spotify or Netflix, or if you are looking for something to help you stay productive, you can try Microsoft Office or Dropbox.

Subscribers can benefit from subscriptions in the sense that they can earn a steady recurring income from the people who use their software. The consumers also benefit from it, as it usually comes with a low monthly fee that is very attractive.

Contrary to paid applications, subscription applications are normally free to download. It is a great way for developers to build a user base. Additionally, it will also look fine on the App Store and Google Play if you have a large number of downloads.

You should choose a model that is focused on ads. The mobile advertising industry is worth billions of dollars. Mobile advertising accounted for 65 percent of all digital advertising sales for the year 2018, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Apps, browsers & text messages, fall under this category. Apps that provide users with free content, such as games, also use advertising.

You can find apps for news or sports, for example.

It can also be used to monetize non-paying users through applications that sell in-app purchases or paid versions. One of the best things about ads is that it allows you to make money from your app without having to charge your customers anything.

Using a cost-per-click advertising platform is the easiest way to get started. Two of the most prominent examples of ad networks are Google’s AdMob and AOL’s SSP. You will be able to use your app to begin serving advertisements once you sign up for one of these services.

8. Make audiobooks 

As a growing business, audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular with both publishers and voice actors. There is no doubt that the ubiquity of smartphone devices, coupled with long commutes, has created a demand hungry for audio content.

You may even be able to make a living by creating the content if you have a great voice and some acting skills.

If you are a beginner, then Fiverr is one of the best places to get started narrating for others. If you want to use this platform, you need to create an account on the platform and complete the following steps:

1. Check out who you’re up against:

Browse the website for other audiobook narrators and review the ones you like the best. The goal is to create a profile that’s as convincing as theirs (but don’t copy their content verbatim).

2. Please complete the following sections of your profile:

Be sure that your profile is filled with as many relevant details as possible, and make sure that you highlight your strengths. You will need to convince customers to work with you as a new customer.

3. You can create your bid or gig as follows:

It is possible to add a convincing title and definition, as well as build packages based on the number of terms if you wish. Fill in the pricing details. Include other languages in the title and explanation if you know them.

People from all over the world are searching for narrators in all languages! Also, not all of it is in English.

4. Make sure that you include samples in your submission:

When you upload a video of yourself or a sample of your work, buyers will be able to hear your work, so your chances of finding buyers will be higher.

9. You can rent a vehicle 

Wouldn’t it be nice to put your idle car to work and earn money if it is just sitting around idle? You can do this by renting your car through a couple of services.

It’s possible to rent your car directly through Airbnb the same way that you can rent out a room or a house. AAA estimates that the annual cost of owning a vehicle is around $9,000.

By renting out your car, you will be able to reduce your expenses. You have several options when it comes to renting a car.

If you want to get started, it is easy, and in most cases, you will have your car listed in less than an hour. Once you have created your account and set up your profile, you can accept cash payments from individuals who want to use your car.

Listed below are some services that can be used to find an online rental marketplace for your vehicle. You can pick a program based on your personal preferences, local program availability, and payout number.


While both Turo and HyreCar cater to recreational renters, HyreCar is specifically designed for rideshare drivers. In other words, Uber drivers and Lyft drivers can see your car as a rental car and then use it for transporting passengers.

Using HyreCar, car owners earn an average of $14,000 annually, according to the company’s website. When you allow another person to use your car while you are not driving, you will be able to make a nice sum of money.

The process of creating a listing is simple and free. You should first identify your vehicle, and then upload pictures of it, as well as its registration and inspection records.

If anyone requests to rent your car, you will be notified. If you fail to confirm a request within 24 hours, it will expire. According to HyreCar, drivers prefer booking multiple vehicles to maximize their chances of getting on the road faster.

Appeals will be carried out by the first owner to accept them. Once you have approved the form, double-check that all of your car’s records are correct.

Insurance is generated 24 hours before pickup unless otherwise requested. You should make sure that your vehicle’s registration and inspection records are current before you hand over the keys.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could park your car at the airport and earn money while you’re away? As a result of this, TravelCar has created a means of tapping into the possible cars parked in airport parking lots while their owners are away.

The Paris-based car-sharing service lets you leave your vehicle behind and rents it out to other travelers while you’re away. In return, you will receive free parking as well as up to $100 for every mile driven in your automobile.

A complimentary car wash will be provided upon return of your car. If you rent your car out, you will receive $1 million in liability insurance, as well as burglary and personal injury insurance. Additionally, if your car is not rented, you can get free parking for up to seven days.

10. You can create and launch a course

Once you’ve built your course, you’ll be able to sell it over and over again, so it becomes a passive source of income. Once your course is ready to be published, you will upload it to whatever platform(s) you want.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you can choose to publish your online course into multiple course marketplaces, such as Udemy and Skillshare, and earn money from all of them. With their built-in audiences, course marketplaces can help you get your course noticed.

If you choose not to release your course on a marketplace, you need to develop a marketing plan to market it (e.g., on your blog using a plugin, using Teachable, using Thinkific, Udemy, etc.).

Consider the possibility of promoting your course through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Consider running Facebook and Instagram advertisements to gain additional exposure for your business.

You can promote your courses on Pinterest if it is appropriate for your target audience and create beautiful Pinterest pins for it. Ask other bloggers working in your niche if they would be willing to review your course and provide feedback (and perhaps even write a review if they enjoyed it).

Who knows, maybe one or two of the bloggers you contact will be able to sell it to their audience. Inquiring is not a bad idea!

Also, in a similar vein, if you already have an audience, make sure to include them from the beginning. By offering them free access to your online course, you may be able to recruit a few of them to serve as beta testers for your course.

11. Think outside of the box 

There are many people out there who are making mediocre salaries and are unhappy. The problem is that instead of improving themselves and finding ways to increase their profits, they choose to blame the economy or the government for their grievances.

Even though they complain about their bad luck and lack of prospects, there was a time only a few years ago when people in similar situations were earning twice as much as they are now.

How is it possible for this to happen? A lot of good people do not feel sorry for themselves or hang their heads in shame as a result of their mistakes.

They continue to work towards their goals and often achieve more than they ever thought possible. In the process of reaching their goals, they often achieve more than they ever thought possible and continue to work towards them.

These options can be very helpful for the short term, but they are not a good long-term solution. Why not take a moment to step back and think outside the box for a moment instead of looking for a quick fix?

What are some of the ways you could make more money now and in the future? You can uncover this additional source of income by asking yourself the following questions:

Is there anything I’m passionate about? 

In which of these activities will I be able to earn more money? 

Are there any chances that I could earn money in the long run from this venture? 

Then how does it work for you?

Possibly you have a natural aptitude for mathematics and you can teach it to almost anyone. Perhaps you could start tutoring.

If you are thinking about trying something like tutoring, you need to keep in mind that you’ll need more than just math skills to succeed. You need to know the content, but that’s not all; you also need to learn leadership skills.

It is important that the people you tutor regard you as an expert on the subject to be able to respond to your methods. Your newfound leadership skills will help you connect with the students you tutor, providing you with information about how they learn best.

You have a higher chance of success if you combine different skills. After you determine how kids learn best, you might be able to create an online instructional guide to help students understand math better.

Maybe you could create a game that children can play while learning at the same time! You will notice that some of these sources of income are short-term and some of them are long-term. By using your skills, you will be able to think outside of the box.

By using your skills, you will be able to use them to think outside the box.

12 Create your own YouTube channel.

With so many famous YouTube channels to choose from, you may be wondering how you can create your own YouTube following.

Without a doubt. In reality, content creators and influencers are increasingly focusing on videos, as more people choose to watch them rather than read text.

It’s one of the reasons why “how-to” videos are so common. You don’t have to find the newest trending niche to become a popular YouTuber. All you have to do is pick something you’re passionate about and know a lot about. Choose a topic on which you believe you can create the best content and begin filming videos.

Important note: Don’t set lofty expectations for yourself.

Yes, there are kids who make millions on YouTube, but if you set your sights too high and get frustrated because you aren’t making as much money as they are, you will eventually become discouraged.

This is why it’s best to do something you enjoy so that you can feel happy even though you’re not making a lot of money.

Ads will earn you $18 on average for every 1,000 views your video receives, which isn’t bad.

Consider this: if one of your ten weekly videos receives over a million views in two and a half months, you’ve made around $18,000.


Try starting a blog or website if you can write well. It doesn’t have to be your main source of income, but if you can build up a respectable following, your blog can bring in some serious cash.


Affiliate programs

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As a resource for finding freelance clients.

According to Glassdoor, a blogger’s estimated annual income is more than $33,000.

Use this as motivation to start blogging as a side hustle.

The longer you stick with it, the more money you’ll be able to make, as long as you keep enhancing your content and keeping on top of trends.


I would like to say the following. Earning money online can supplement your income while also allowing you to leave your 9-to-5 job and pursue your dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur. Making more money allows you to achieve financial independence, increase financial stability, and live life on your terms. You can make a living online if you are willing to put in the effort and persevere.