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Upleap Reviews 2022

Upleap Reviews
Upleap Reviews

Upleap Reviews In the last few months, I have been using Upleap $39 plan for about 10 months straight.

It has cost me $390 to use upleap on one of my Instagram accounts and I can therefore give you an honest review so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should use upleap’s Instagram growth service.

Before I get into the full depths of the article, I would like you to take a moment to read the notice below before you continue.


I would recommend that if you decide to use Upleap after reading the different pros and cons this article has outlined and you decide to make a purchase, please go through a coupon link to get a discount. When you are done reading,

In case you don’t want to spend too much time reading the entire article, then you can go directly to the summary of the article.

Is Upleap Legit? Is it a scam?

What Is Upleap All About? 

This is an Instagram growth software that claims to allow you to grow real, organic followers on Instagram. Furthermore, Upleap also claims that you will have access to a personal account manager who will devote their time exclusively to your Instagram account growth.

As stated on Upleap’s website, they claim that by using their services you will be able to increase your engagement, and sales (if you are someone doing business on Instagram).

The Upleap platform has been around for a couple of years and has already made a big name for itself in the Instagram marketing niche as they took home the award for the #1 Instagram marketing tool in 2022 BUT… the big question remains:


Upleap is a social media growth software for Instagram, as stated on their website, and is actually for people and businesses who want to capture more audiences through one of the best social media networks on the planet right now (Instagram) and to be more specific, Upleap would be a good option for people like:


Influencers on social media


Twitch gamers 

Online stores, real estate agents, and personal accounts…

I’m sure now that you know exactly what Upleap does and who it is designed for, let me take a look at some of the PROS & CONS I found while using it…



Here, I’m going to go over the very, very important things I like about upleap as an Instagram growth software, and they include:

First of all, I like the fact that they have real reviews from real clients who have used their Instagram growth tool and got real results…

The second thing that I like about upleap is the fact that they truly dedicate personal account managers to your Instagram account, which actually makes them one of the very few Instagram growth platforms that offer an Instagram growth solution that is fully managed…

The other thing I really like about Upleap is that they have a responsive customer support team that is always there to answer all your questions and help you with all your Instagram needs…

You actually get diversity in your account promotion strategies with Upleap as they don’t just comment on people’s posts or simply like other people’s posts, instead upleap combines liking posts, commenting, viewing Instagram stories, and following other people.

One of the key benefits of the Upleap platform is that they offer their users a 100% secure payment process, which ensures that the user will not be made vulnerable when making a payment on the Upleap platform.

The other advantage that Upleap has over their competitors is that they have a very safe way of logging in and out of their system. This is something that many of their competitors don’t offer.

Lastly, I like Upleap because it is very easy to integrate and set up as you will just need to answer some questions so your Instagram manager can then determine the best tactics and parameters to use when working on your Instagram growth…



On this part of the upleap review, I am going to talk about the things that I don’t like about it. In particular, these are:

Using the Instagram automation strategy (which is not encouraged by Instagram, but who cares? We all get away with it 100% of the time)


As you can see, Upleap enables you to grow your Instagram account by performing all the tasks that you would have to spend hours and hours of your time doing if you did them yourself… I’ll list all the features listed below of the Upleap Instagram growth tool:


In order to take advantage of this feature, you will be able to see all of the millions of stories of people that are interested in what your Instagram profile is about and by simply watching those stories, those people will notice and maybe even follow you, since they’ve seen those stories…

The follow and unfollow feature: this feature as I guess you already know goes out and follows the people that you target on your Instagram account and by following them…

They will notice your account and follow you back and once they do follow you back, upleap goes and unfollows them!

like feature: As part of this feature on Upleap, a bunch of your targeted posts will be liked on the accounts of people that you have targeted so that they know that you are liking their posts, and as a result they will be encouraged to check out your own account and engage with you!

Targeting feature: Upleap allows you to specify what kind of followers you want; for instance, if you want followers who live in a certain city, people who have used a particular hashtag, people who have liked a particular post, or even people who follow a certain account!

The Pricing: Do you know what the price of Upleap is?

Upleap offers three major pricing plans, including the $39 monthly plan.the $69 per month plan and the $99 per month plan.You will be able to save up to 40% Off if you pay yearly for your membership.

This is a screenshot showing you a sneak peak of what their 3 plans look like and what you get in each of the plans… But they also offer a third-day trial option that does NOT require a credit card.

What Is Upleap and How Does It Work?

There are three steps that you will need to follow in order to fully utilize Upleap: Signing up for a three-day free trial. You can do that by clicking HERE which will take you there.

Getting in touch with the account manager assigned to your account & then Tell your account manager what kind of followers you would like to have and WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT GROW!

Is Upleap Safe For Your Instagram Account?

Obviously, to answer this question, a straight “YES” is the best answer, since Upleap has grown and maintained a large number of Instagram accounts without them getting banned or blocked.

Are there any alternatives to Upleap?

Yes, upleap has a lot of competitors and certainly, I will list some of the top competitors and alternatives to upleap below and I will then compare the alternatives to upleap so that you will be able to make an informed decision. The alternative I am going to talk about here is another Instagram growth tool known as Kicksta…

Since you now know the best alternative to upleap, I’m going to compare upleap with Kicksta so that you can make the best choice between upleap and Kicksta…

Kicksta vs. Upleap

The Instagram growth tool Kicksta stands to be another competitor of Upleap and I’m going to compare them both, including their pricing, customer reviews, and other elements.

Upleap vs. Kicksta: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, upleap has a cheaper plan as upleap offers you three packages. These include their lite plan, which costs $39, their standard plan, which costs $69. Additionally, Kicksta has two pricing packages which include their creative plan which costs $49 and their professional plan which costs $99 per month. Below is a snapshot of what you’ll get in each Kicksta plan:

Kicksta reviews
kicksta prices


Upleap VS Kiksta: Features

It is important for you to be able to compare the features that Both Upleap and Kicksta offer to you so that you are able to make a no questions asked choice. I have compared them below in tabular form as follows:


Offers a 3-day free trial

A starter plan is $39, a second plan is $69 and a third plan is $99

Unfollows and Follows

Likes are Automatically

Targets #hashtags, locations & influencers

Have a growth tracker

Dedicated account managers are assigned to each client

Click HERE to try UPLEAP for 3 straight days (No credit card needed!)


They dont offer free trial at all

their Pricing plans start at $49 and $99

Unfollows and Follows

Likes are Automatically

Targets #hashtags, locations & influencers

It has Has a growth tracker

There is no dedicated account manager for you to deal with

If you would like to see this Kicksta Review or you would like to go directly to Kicksta, you can CLICK HERE.

FINALLY: Is Upleap really Legit?

In my opinion, it is 100% legit since it has worked for me for the last 10 months as an individual, and YES, I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it.To start, I recommend that you sign up for their three-day free trial first to see what you think, but still use a coupon when signing up so that you will receive a discount when you are ready to pay. (This article includes links to Upleap that are 100% coupon-linked, so you’ll get the discounts. So,go create your account.

Do You Still Have Doubts? You can watch the Upleap review below

In case you have read my review to this point, then I recommend that you watch the video below to hear what a real upleap user has to say about them…

Once you watch the video review and decide if Upleap is right for you, you can give it a try. The link I told you to click on will actually get 3 days free trial and a discount.