Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Interview Questions and Answers (Ace Your Royal Caribbean Interview)

How You Pass a Royal Caribbean Interview

I will show you the most common questions that Royal Caribbean like to ask in their interviews and help you plan strong answers to these to maximize your chances of landing the job. Let’s look at how you actually pass a royal caribbean interview. The first thing you have to get right is to know that this is a job and not a holiday. The fastest way to annoy a royal Caribbean interviewer and put them right off hiring you is to talk about loving traveling and looking forward to seeing the world. It is not a holiday. They are recruiting for a tough job and they want people to understand that it’s long hours and very hard work.

Study royal caribbean cruise line  

the next thing is make sure you have taken time to properly study royal caribbean they will ask about your knowledge of the cruise line. if you don’t have the knowledge you’re going to look really bad. So  I’m going to help you by showing you the key facts that you need to take to your interview.

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Royal caribbean cruise line  Requirements 

The next thing is to study the requirements for your role and show that you meet them. That is the whole point of this interview is to show them that you’re a great hire.

Job description 

make sure you read the job description and tailor your answers to meet that and i’m going to show you how you can do that.

Learn royal caribbean cruise line quations 

the next thing is learn the questions that royal caribbean ask most frequently and i will show you what those questions are but more importantly prepare strong and confident answers. by the end of this article you will have a set of great answers to the most common questions that royal caribbean cruise line like to ask in their interviews.

Let’s start with an incredibly important one.

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What can you tell me about the Royal Caribbean cruise line

if you turn up due to your interview without good knowledge of the company it’s going to go really badly so the first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got the basic facts.

The good news for you as I will tell you the basic facts you need to take to your interview. The next thing is to show off your preparations and show that you’ve actually taken time to prepare.

By the end of this section you will have lots of things that you can say that will show a lot of great preparation and then if you want to be really impressive you want to drop in some facts that only people who have really taken a lot of time to prepare and take this interview very seriously would actually know.

so let’s look at how you answer this question so the first thing you do is just say the obvious it is an international cruise line very simple but it gets to the heart of what the business is you could say that they are the largest or the second largest cruise

line i recommend you check the current data are they the largest are they the second largest they have a rivalry with carnival and sometimes they are the largest or if you measure it by passenger numbers or you measure it by market share.

there’s lots of different ways to work out the largest one so i would make sure you know whether they are currently ranked as the largest or the second largest they do carry

millions and millions of guests. Royal caribbean is absolutely enormous as a company and are very successful.

The next thing you can say is that they’ve got diverse itineraries so currently royal caribbean is going to about 240 different destinations that number changes all the time but it’s a good idea to realize that it’s not just caribbean.

They  offer itineraries across a large part of the world and visit hundreds and hundreds of destinations they have enormous ships.

Royal caribbean is famous for having many of the largest ships in the entire world they’re much larger than a lot of other cruise lines and that’s really one of their specialties but beyond that they like to describe

their ships as an architectural marvel their ships usually have very unique features i would research the ship that you’re likely to be posted on and understand what is unique

what is special about that ship and maybe discuss that they like to see themselves as innovative and they have a lot of cruise line firsts to their name and they’re very proud of that.

They are a family friendly brand so on royal Caribbean ships you will see a wide variety of ages from very young children to very old elderly people. You will see a wide range and they try to cater for everyone.

They have their own private islands. They have several of them, the most famous is Labadie which is like a private resort that is owned and operated by the company.

You’ll also notice that currently all of the ships the name ends with of the seas that’s one way you can instantly spot a royal caribbean ship and that’s a good fact for your interview you want to have the name of their largest ship so maybe memorize the name of the top three.

They’re constantly building ships and royal caribbean has a habit of building bigger and bigger and bigger ships so that list changes all the time.

So just memorize the three largest ships and have that ready for your interview. they were founded all the way back in 1968 and they were founded by a group of norwegian shipping companies and their first ship was called the ms song of norway and that comes from their norwegian shipping routes.

the company is now part of the royal caribbean group that owns a number of other cruise lines for example celebrity cruises is part of the royal caribbean group.

it’s a good idea to know what other brands is also owned by that group you should also be aware of the fact that they’re currently headquartered in miami florida and that’s another good fact to say.

Another great idea is to read the annual report of the company because that will give you really fantastic insight into the company’s strategy what they’re worried about and what the focus of their business is.

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You see someone not following safety protocols. what do you do?

they don’t just want a simple answer to this they want to see that you’ve got the right values. remember that they are going to be writing down notes in the interview very likely

And they don’t want to hire someone that gets this question wrong so you’ve got to get it right so the first thing you do is you’re very clear and you’re very forceful and confident in your answers.

you start by saying safety is always my number one prior priority and i take safety incredibly seriously so you’re very strong and very forceful on the fact that safety is important to you but then you even extend on that you say as a crew member.

i have a duty of care duty of care is a great phrase to use in the interview and you’ve got that duty of care to all passengers and crew so if you’re a member of the crew on the ship part of your responsibility is keeping everyone safe and that is a very very important part of your responsibility 

then you say not following safety procedures can cause serious harm people have been at sea for a very long time and they have developed safety protocols with hundreds and hundreds of years of experience.

They’re there for a reason and if you don’t follow them people can be hurt or even killed it’s not something that is well you sort of have to follow this but if you don’t it doesn’t really matter no it is absolutely essential and you’re going to be very clear in the interview that you will not compromise safety.

then you start answering the question so youspent a lot of time talking about how important it is without even answering it but that’s what they want to hear now you answer the question and say i would never ignore a safety issue.

i would intervene to ensure everyone is safe and then beyond that you say i would then promptly report the incident in line with royal caribbean policies so you’re going to follow the policies you’re never ignoring safety and you care about it. that’s how you ace this question.

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what is your greatest strength 

they’ll also ask what is your greatest weakness so let’s look at how you answer this question and what they actually want to hear to be a good strength so i think about what strength are you going to pick and i’ll give you some inspiration about that.

so a good answer is a notable strength it shouldn’t be something that’s not that important it should be something that is extremely important then you are back out with some evidence or examples. So think about times when you’ve used this strength or if it’s a strength that you could back up with the qualification or certificate that also makes your answer that bit stronger it should be highly relevant to the job.

So think about the job you’ve applied for and pick something that’s important for that job and then remember the point of this is to prove that you are a great hire for them.

The whole point of this is to say i’ve got this strength you should hire me because i’m so brilliant at this then what you need to think about is how you answer it so you say a key strength that i have developed is say what the strength is previously

i’ve used this strength to link it to your previous experience talk about how it’s made you more successful and then say at royal caribbean this strength will And then explain to them how you’re going to use their strength to be brilliant at your job that’s how you answer it some ideas of things that you might say is if you’ve got extensive cruise ship experience you know exactly 

what you’re doing you worked on cruise ships before that’s a great strength that’s going to help you be effective really quickly if you’ve got excellent customer service skills you’ve worked in lots of customer service roles.

You’re really great at dealing with customers and passengers talk about that you might have a strong work ethic great attention to detail you’ve got maybe lots of experience in the role that you’re applying for 

or you’re really great at teamworking and you work really well in teams that could be something you talk about so think carefully about what your biggest strength is and use that three steps to successfully answer the question.

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what is your biggest weakness

you can ruin the whole interview by picking the wrong weakness and you can give a terrible answer to this so we need to look at what the elements of a good answer are and how you actually answer it successfully.

i’ll give you some inspiration about some weaknesses you might want to use so a good answer firstly shows that you know your development priorities bad answers suggest that you don’t really understand what you need to improve  and so how are you ever going to get better then you’ve got to make sure it’s a genuine weakness so something that you actually have as a weakness it’s not fake 

It’s not made up and it’s not a secret sort of strength sort of weakness or something that’s actually a good thing that you try to pass off for something that’s bad which isn’t really because that will not be taken seriously then you want to work to overcome your weakness 

you want to spend a lot of time talking about how you can improve rather than why it’s going to be such a problem and then it has to be a weakness that royal caribbean just don’t care about.

don’t pick something that actually matters so bad answers would be something like i’m just such a perfectionist and do everything perfectly and because i have to be so perfect at everything i maybe work a little bit slowly well no that’s not  really much of a weakness 

being a perfectionist is a bit of a brag it’s boastful it’s not really a massive weakness so don’t use that on the flip side you don’t say anything that’s actually important to your role.

so for example say i suffer from constant intense and debilitating seasickness would not really be ideal for someone working on a

cruise ship so think about if you were hiring someone and they said this was their weakness would it stop you wanting to hire them and if the answer is no that’s probably a good thing to use for a weakness.

the way you answer is very simple you say a weakness i’m aware of is say what your weaknesses and then don’t talk very much about it don’t go into detail about why your weakness is such a big problem.

because you’re just giving them reasons not to hire you what you do instead is you say as part of my development i hope to and suggest one or two things you could do to make your weakness go away over time.

let’s think about what your weaknesses might be so for example if you have a job that doesn’t involve very much writing you could say spelling or perhaps spelling complex words you struggle with and you maybe write a little bit slower because you have to keep checking everything.

Not a debilitating weakness and probably not even relevant to your job if you only speak english that is a weakness you are working on a cruise ship.

So there will be lots and lots of other nationalities speaking more than one language would be a good thing but perhaps a lot of people applying alongside you are only speaking english and the majority of the guests perhaps may be american.

or they may be from europe so there’s probably high levels of english speakers so it’s not going to be a huge problem but it is something you talk about that you’re not happy about the fact that you only speak english and you have began to learn a

second language and you’re really interested in doing that if you’re applying for something that’s not involved in any management you could talk about delegation and say before you move into management you want to build your skills and delegation to be more effective at that you’re probably not going to be doing a lot of public speaking unless you have a role that involves public speaking and you could say that.

that’s something you ought to develop or you’re not great at saying no or your math skills aren’t particularly brilliant you’re very reliant on calculator and if you’re doing a job

that doesn’t involve very much math it’s absolutely fine so you could use that so think carefully about what weakness you’re going to see in the interview think about how you could overcome it and develop and that’s how you have a successful answer to this.

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where do you see yourself in five years

it’s not an easy question to just go and just make up a five-year plan on the spot in ten seconds because you don’t get much time to think in interviews so be ready for this one so have a rough five-year plan.

let’s look at what the elements of a good answer are and a bad answer and what sort of things you might want to talk about

so make it make it credible don’t talk about being the chief executive in five years as someone who’s just starting out that’s not going to be very credible you have to have something 

that is reasonable linkedin is a very good place to look so you can see people who join five years ago what have they managed to achieve that helps you ensure that your five-year plan is reasonable.

then you have to think about what they can offer and what they want so they want someone that’s going to get continuously better and is going to stay with the company they also want to show some learning and improvements you think about how you’re

going to get better some of the worst answers are where people talk about i will be this in five years i won’t do anything to earn it or i won’t work hard to get there i’m not going to do anything to improve i’m just going to be

very important in five years magically that doesn’t go down very well but then you have to also think about how isroyal caribbean part of the story because if you’re applying to get a job

there and you’re talking about staying for five years make them part of your five-year plan then you look at a bad answer so the worst answers are things that are silly or unreasonable they’re not going to

take seriously things that are not related to the jobs if you talk about you want to buy a house in five years or you plan to travel to all these places

that’s not particularly relevant to the job and it could perhaps put them off because they don’t want to hear about that they won’t hear about how you’re going to be great at your job the worst thing that you can do is say something that’s insane insulting to the

panel so people sometimes say in five years time i want to be where you’re sitting and i won’t be doing your job and you might find out that that person has been with the company 28 years and it took them 22 years to get to their

position of seniority and you’re saying in five years i’m going to be where you are or above that doesn’t go down very well and then anything that’s not relevant to royal

caribbean is not worth mentioning thepoint of this is to help convince themthat your five-year plan aligns with what they would like to see and then really the worst thing you can

say is quitting royal caribbean the typethe time to talk about quitting a job and leaving a company is not the interview to get the job so if you’re planning on doing something completely different in five years

now is not the time to talk about it because one you may find out that you really love working for the company you stay there a very long time and the other reason is if you talk about quitting the job before you’ve even got it they’re probably gonna hire someone else then when you think about what could be part of your five-year plan

so the road to plus one is a good way to talk about it so look at the job you’re applying to what is one level above that and usually moving up one level in five years tends to be quite reasonable but it’s talking about the road to getting

there how are you going to earn these promotions how are you going to get to a level where you’re ready for that step up that’s what you want to talk about you may talk about taking on additional responsibility so that may not be an official promotion 

but that you have an idea that in five years you want to take on more responsibility you may be wanting to mentor new staff so once

you’ve built up five years of experience you would really be enthusiastic and interested in supporting and developing new staff 

because that’s something that may be a really big interest of yours you may say that you’re looking to take on more leadership not necessarily saying i want to do this specific job in five years but within five years you’re

looking to take on a job with a bit more leadership even if you’re applying for a management job you may say that in five years you want to be managing more or

have more responsibility as a manager you could say that you’re looking to become a supervisor 

that could be a goal another good thing to say is that within five years you’re going to be really focused on really embedding yourself as an integral team member really proving

that you’re incredibly useful to the company you’re incredibly dependable you’re reliable you’re very professional and you’re brilliant at your job within five years you’ll be really really well embedded in the company you could also

say that you’re looking to be gaining additional qualifications if you plan to do extra study you could say what that is and link it back to working for the company and you could also say being

truly outstanding in my role say that you are very confident that you can do the job very well you’ve got lots of great experience and that in five years

you’ll be even better that you’re constantly developing you’re constantly improving and within five years you will be really really outstanding at that role and that’s a great thing to talk about if you’re not looking at progressing so feel free to take any of these ideas and start planning an answer it’ll be a good idea before your interview to have a bullet pointed answer of where you want to be in five years and use this to help you the next

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How would you deal with a complaint from a very angry passenger

Unfortunately sometimes things don’t go right and you need to know how to deal with a complaint and so the first thing you say is i will always remain calm and i will be professional 

that’s very reassuring for them to hear then you say that you’ll stop and listen carefully to understand what is the issue why is the passenger angry what exactly is their complaint when a passenger is angry and complaining about

something the first thing they want is someone to actually listen to them then when something has gone wrong you say you would offer a sincere impro apology if something’s gone wrong because that’s the first step to

resolving it is to acknowledge that something hasn’t went to plan then if the passenger is very aggressive or very very difficult you’re going to de-escalate you’re not going to meet the situation worse you’re going to remain calm at all times and get the situation under control de-escalate is a good word

to use in an interview then you will also reassure them that you will follow royal caribbean policies at all times you’re not going to make up your own policies you’re going to stick to the

company policy then you could say that you might use the herd technique and i’ll show you what that is and then the point of the whole answer the goal is and you should end your

answer with this is that you will resolve the complaint to the customer satisfaction that’s your goal you’re going to take the complaint and you’re going to resolve it the herd technique is very simple it’s first that you hear what the customer’s saying you empathize with them you apologize you resolve and

then you diagnose and by diagnose i mean work out what went wrong and then communicate to your manager or other

people in your team to try and think how can we stop this happening again you don’t want to be getting the same complaint twice a day you want to get the complaint once fix it and then never hear that complaint ever again that’s the goal so you could talk about the herd technique and that’s a good way to answer this question

the next question which is really important is they could ask why royal caribbean why do you want work here there’s lots of cruise lines in the world why this one why you work on a

cruise ship these are questions that come up quite often so let’s look at how you answer these

i’m going to give you the basic elements of an answer and then lots of suggestions of reasons why you might want to work and then if you pick five or six of 

these you’re going to have astrong answer the first thing you want to do is be very clear royal caribbean is the brand for me you can use that phrase to basically say yes there are lots of cruise brands in the world but for me.

royal caribbean is the one that i think is the best match and you can explain later why that is you want to be clear that it’s a perfect match for your skills so working on a cruise ship with royal caribbean matches your skills and interests then think about your previous experience how does that link to working

in this job think about opportunities is this somewhere where you could build along-term career is this somewhere you think you could be very successful and if so you won’t talk about that and then

you want to be enthusiastic so when the answer asks this question answer it with a great deal of enthusiasm because that lends

credibility to your answer let’s look at lots of things that you might want to say so if you’ve been a customer and you’ve traveled on royal caribbean before talk about a positive experience that you had that you know that this is a great brand because you’ve been a customer and so you know the great experiences that they can provide you

could say that you enjoy being at sea a simple thing that you could say that you love interacting with passengers and so of course working on a cruise ship would be brilliant for you that you like to

meet new people that you feel that royal caribbean is a place where you can provide excellent services the company has a commitment to excellent service and you have a commitment to excellent

service and you can actually do that here that you think that it is really a perfect match for your skills and bevery clear about that and 

explain why you could also say that you’ve got lots of customer service experience and so working in this role on a cruise line really does match with your previous experience that you want an active and a busy job that you value teamwork and you enjoy working in a team that you don’t

want to work on your own all the time that you like working in large teams with other people that you see a great long-term career

potential because that suggests that you’re looking to stay somewhere and

they won’t have to keep recruiting for your role that you’re actually looking to develop and grow with the company the royal caribbean is a huge organization and 

because it’s so large you think that lots of opportunities are going to come up regularly and that you’re looking forward to taking all the opportunities

that are available to you and then you could say to round it off that you see royal caribbean as a very innovative and a growing company and you want to be part of their growth and help with the innovation so there’s lots of reasons

i’d pick five or six of these and then talk about that be really enthusiastic about the brand and convince them that this is the right place for you and that’s how you succeed in this question before the interview ends you need to

have some questions ready they will often ask almost always do you have any questions for us and you need to have two or three questions.

 let’s look at some good questions you could ask and certain questions that you should never

ask so one question could be what do you personally enjoy most about working at royal caribbean and what attracted you to join this cruise line and you want to share in their enthusiasm and agree with them and add what they say to your answer of why you want to join this

particular cruise line you could ask what training and progression opportunities could you see a high performer royal caribbean getting in the next three to five years you could say what would you suggest that a new hire to royal caribbean do

before starting to ensure they are well prepared for starting and make a commitment to doing anything that they suggest you could ask could you tell me

the next steps in the royal caribbean hiring process because one you probably want to know what happens next and you’ll find out if you get feedback and then you’ll know exactly when you expect

to hear back from them and then definitely make a point of thanking them for their time in the interview reiterate your interest so be clear that i am very interested in this role and 

i look forward to hearing from you and then end on a positive because that positive ending is just a nice thing to finish with never ever ask about holidays time off don’t try and negotiate a higher salary before they’ve made any offers and don’t talk about

moving to a different brand or moving to a different ship or try and negotiate very silly things that is going to put them off hiring you so please do post in the comments what questions they ask you because that’s really helpful to get a great list of those i’d appreciate if you would like and subscribe and finally thank you very much for watching and i wish you the best of luck

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