Discover 10 Hacks on How to apply for cruise ship jobs : DO THIS !!! (UPDATED)

Cruise ship jobs. Are you looking for information about employment on the cruise ships, you’re at the right place. The most critical thing is to prepare a winning cv. There are apps online you can use eg resume maker, intelligent cv. The next step is to apply and keep applying. 

Why Your CV won’t be Selected 

  • ❌You submitted your conventional curriculum vitae.   Some have Cvs with 7 pages.  Recruiters have no time for long CVs.  Make it Sweet and short.  Maximum 2 pages. 
  • ❌ Mentioning irrelevant information on your CV.  Example.  Housekeeping job – you submit a CV with your experience and references as an engineer/carer/accountant
  • ✅ Housekeeping – put housekeeping information.  Leave out your degrees or other irrelevant qualifications. 
  • ✅Understand the job description and use what they are looking for on your CV.

Have a go at making your own CV and take a chance, you might just make it!!!

Good cv example for cruise ship jobs. If you don’t have time to create a good cv I can help you. In less that 24 hours you will have your cv designed check out my CV catalog on whats app or on website using the links below


Happy Applying!

Guys, scrutinise these CVs carefully. Recruiters don’t care about your hobbies, interests, marital status, age or any experience that is irrelevant to the job. The best strategy is to go to one of the job links below, look for the position you want and take 3-4 of the tasks they say you will be doing and put them as your experience. The computer will pick you up as a match and give you a better chance of getting an interview for cruise ship jobs.

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List of major Cruise Line companies 

A Princess Cruises
Celebrity Cruises
Carnival Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
Holland America Line
RoCartban Royal Caribbean International
Royal Caribbean Group
MSC Cruises
Cunard Line
SCRYsTAL’ Crystal Cruises
Seabourn Cruise Line
SI1VERSDA Silversea Cruises
Viking Cruises
G Costa Cruises
Oceania Cruises
Disney Cruise Line
P&0 Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Windstar Cruises
AIDA Cruises
Carnival Corporation
MEPICA American Cruise Lines

  1. Carnival
  2. career royal caribbean group
  3. Medicalrecruit@hagroup
  4. Virgin.myapollocareer
  5. Allcruisejobs
  6. disney.cmail20
  7. recruitment@effyjewelry
  8. grisa.hirecentric
  10. careers.hardingretail
  11. Jobs.carnival
  12. virgin.myapollocareer
  13. ncl
  15. grisa.hirecentric
  16. samantha@grisa
  17. seabourncareers
  18. jobtrain
  19. shosholozaoceanacademy
  20. leisure.vcrew
  21. sacrew

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10 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Cruise Ship Interview

Cruise ship jobs 2023 interview tips

Cruise ship jobs So, you like to travel, you enjoy mingling with tourists, and you certainly don’t suffer from motion sickness. While these traits are superb for a cruise ship role, they’re not enough to impress a hiring manager.  

Cruise ship jobs interviews (or any interview for that matter) require adequate preparation for you to appear as the ideal candidate for the job. From choosing professional attire to brushing up on your cruise ship knowledge, there are several ways to get ready for the big day. 

If you are hoping to land a job on a cruise ship, we’ve gathered a list of 10 tips to help you prepare for the interview. Cruise ship jobs.

1. Be ready for a virtual interview 

Cruise ship interviews are often carried out virtually over a Skype or Zoom call or over the phone. It’s essential to keep this in mind so you can handle it with ease and confidence. 

If your interview takes place over a video call, pick a tidy and well-lit room and ensure that there is a good internet connection there. 

Meanwhile, telephone interviews require a quiet environment with no distractions. Make sure to brush up on your phone etiquette, such as using the right tone and actively listening to the interviewer.  

2. Read through your CV 

As with any job interview, you must be familiar with the contents of your résumé. Reciting your professional skills and work history should come naturally to you, so you can quickly answer any questions about your professional background and abilities. 

This will allow you to make a good first impression on the hiring managers, especially if you can talk about it in detail and without hesitation. Ensure to elaborate on your skills and provide details about your accomplishments, strengths and career goals to demonstrate your credibility.

3. Brush up on your knowledge 

As an interviewee, you should demonstrate your knowledge about the job role during an interview. Hiring managers will want to see that you know the basics of working on a cruise ship. 

Firstly, make sure you understand the general rules and regulations of working on board, such as having no days off, avoiding inappropriate relationships with passengers, ensuring personal hygiene, and following ship curfews. 

Cruise ship jobs. You should also be well-versed in the industry vocabulary, such as the types of cruise lines (mainstream vessel, adventure vessel, mega-ship), directions (bow, stern, port) and crew member titles and duties (steward, purser, maitre d’). 

All of this knowledge will prove that you are well-acquainted with the fundamentals of working at sea. 

4. Do some self-reflection

Working on a cruise ship can sometimes require a lot of sacrifices in your personal life. It involves working away from home for substantial periods (months), long working hours, and minimal days off. 

Working at sea certainly makes it hard to strike a good work-life balance, as most of your time is spent on board and away from home. For this reason, make sure your personal life allows for this lifestyle and ensure that your family understands the demands of the role. 

Ask yourself if you could cope with living under these conditions. Ensuring that you would be dedicated to the position will help you confidently prepare for the job interview.  

5. Research the cruise line 

You should always research a company before an interview. In this case, looking into the cruise  interviewing will give you insight into its operations and work environment. 

Knowing the company will also earn you some brownie points with the interviewer and possibly give you an edge over other candidates. 

Be sure to examine the cruise line’s website, social media accounts, customer reviews, and ratings to discover their mission and goals, company culture and competitors.

It’s also wise to learn about the cruise’s work code. Every cruise line has a unique code of conduct that all staff adhere to. 

Most importantly, find out the company’s passenger demographic so you know who you might be serving and working with.  

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6. Dress appropriately 

For cruise ship jobs Dressing appropriately is a key requirement for an interview if you want to apply for cruise ship jobs hiring manager wants to meet a candidate that is dressed too casually or inappropriately for the occasion. 

Cruise ship interviewes need to wear clothing that reflects on their professionalism. Formal business attire is always a safe bet and more likely to impress hiring managers.

Minimal jewellery and discrete makeup are advised, while men should consider being clean-shaven, too. 

According to cruise ship Jobs, cruise ship staff should not have any visible tattoos and piercings, so ensure to conceal them, if you have any, during your interview.  

7. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and energy  

While working on a cruise ship involves travelling the world, it’s certainly not a holiday; things are bound to get tiring. 

Whether you want to work on board as an entertainer or as kitchen staff, cruise ship jobs require a lot of energy.

There will be long working hours involved, with minimal days off, and you will need to maintain an upbeat attitude around passengers. 

To prove that you can handle this hospitality role, you need to show just how energetic you are during your interview.

Now, I’m not saying you should jump up and down, but rather that you should demonstrate a sense of enthusiasm, a positive attitude and liveliness. 

Prepare for this by getting enough sleep the night before, doing some exercise and eating a healthy meal. These steps can help you boost your energy levels before you turn up at the interview. 

8. Prepare for common questions 

Before the big day, think about potential cruise ship interview questions and answers. This is surely the right way to go, as you want to have well-prepared answers that prove you are knowledgeable and experienced enough for the role.

Common interview questions might include ‘Can you tell us a bit about yourself?’ or ‘Why do you want this cruise ship job?’ 

Meanwhile, cruise ship jobs – specific questions could include: ‘What skills can you bring to this cruise line?’ or ‘How would you handle a difficult situation with a passenger?’ Being prepared to answer these questions will calm any interview nerves and help you feel more confident. 

9. Have a clean record 

Cruise lines usually conduct a background check for potential employees – members of staff cannot pose a potential danger to passengers, after all.

If you want to truly impress hiring managers and increase your chances of getting the job, make sure that your background is clean (i.e. no criminal convictions). 

A pre-employment health screening also occurs once you have landed a job onboard, so ensure that your medical records are up to par and suitable for the role.  

10. Be ready to ask questions 

Asking the interviewer follow-up questions will show hiring managers that you are genuinely interested in the role.

It also helps you determine if you’re the right fit for the position and whether this cruise line is for you. 

Before the interview, jot down some questions regarding the role. Be careful not to ask questions already detailed in the job description and ask ones to help you understand the cruise line’s values. Cruise ship jobs

You can ask questions about opportunities for growth or more specific ones about the cruise line’s objectives like its sales targets.

Whether it’s getting a good night’s rest or checking your record, there are many ways to prepare for a cruise ship job interview. 

While it’s difficult to predict what will happen on the day accurately, these tips will at least give you a running start on getting the most important parts of an interview right. Cruise ships jobs.

What qualifications do I need to work on a cruise ship?

Basically a Ship is like a Hotel on water, Eg Sheraton on water.The Ship im on has a capacity of 5000 guests and 1200 crew members.

Age range 21- 55 years

Health Fit, we do thorough medicals, which you are required to pass.

So on the jobs I can safely say there’s no position that’s not found in a ship.From housekeeping ,chefs, security, doctors nurses, shop cashiers, band members etc.

So there are positions that require certificates and qualifications and those that don’t require certificates but only experience.

I will now share the links you are going to use to look for cruise ship jobs.Please open these links and look for the job you want, don’t be lazy about it.

When you start working on the ships there are workshops and tests that you will do so if you are too lazy to read, you won’t make it.

Food is for free(buffet),accommodation is free, if you fall sick you get treated in the onboard clinic for free.that means less expenses

When you get an offer letter then you can start the process of visas, medicals. 

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Let’s talk Visas

Once you get hired they will send you a letter of employment, they will send you the Ds160 Visa link, you fill it up online and secure an appointment date. You will need to secure a police clearance. C1D visa costs $320 Because we apply for 2 visas.

Once they see your LOE they won’t ask You anything they will just tell you to collect your visa in a few days. We don’t have churches onboard, because we are multinational and multi religious,

there are so many religions in the ship, so for the sake of not offending each other you pray on your own.or you can have small prayer groups praying is not prohibited.

For cruise ship jobs U need to be fully vaccinated when u get onboard u get a 3rd shot Booster shot Mordena. We have a fully stocked crew bar, alcohol is sold at cheaper prices,

but u need to drink responsibly, if you get too drunk security will do an alcohol test if u are over the limit u will be fired, zero tolerance of being drunk on duty u will be sent home.

Some cabins have bunk beds depending on positions. Food and accommodation is free, we have food bars open 24hrs  2hrs free pizza 24hrs ice cream machines, 24hrs Guys burger joint free for everyone.

The expensies u will hv will be internet, yes we buy internet packages social media packages the cheapest $4 for 24hr plan ,alcohol u buy, bottled water u buy.

the rest is free.internet is what’s expensive but you get used to it.i buy the $4 everyday.

Medical issues

U have to be HIV Neg. On medicals first timers u have to be fit no Bp no sugar.However if you’re diagnosed later with sugar or Bp after you’re in the system u will be well taken care of,

those of us who’ve sugar and BP we get prescription medication free of charge every month, we have a hospital onboard if you fall sick you’re treated for free teeth u go to the dentist the company pays.Contraceptives and condoms for free.

If you have HIV for carnival now you can apply then their Dr will do an assessment but people are encouraged to apply. Salary you are given in US$ in full. Nothing is deducted. Then there are some departments where you get tips you share when your salary comes.

What each person has been given is put in 1 basket then you share equally. 

Your CV should be short and precise.The ones that are being done these days, the international ones.1-2 pages only. Contracts are 4-7 months with 4-7 weeks vacation.

Regarding being HIV+, if you are positive and you’re on medication, you need to tell the PEME doctor and they’ll test your cd4 count. If it’s above a certain level, you will be declared medically fit. The only thing is that it will be valid for 1 year instead of 2 years

Do cruise staff get days off?

Before your next assignment, you will receive approximately 60 days of vacation. Depending on your position, you can expect to work seven days a week and 10-13 hours a day while onboard. Cruise ship jobs.

How Much Do Cruise Ship Workers Make? 

Types of cruise ship jobs

1. Food service worker

National average salary: $31,798 per year

2. Deckhand

National average salary: $44,020 per year

3. Cleaning manager

National average salary: $38,239 per year

4. Receptionist

National average salary: $47,145 per year

5. Entertainment manager

National average salary: $47,482 per year

6. Paramedic

National average salary: $49,073 per year

7. Boatswain’s mate

National average salary: $49,828 per year

8. Entertainer

National average salary: $50,541 per year

9. Food service director

National average salary: $55,317 per year

10. Fitter

National average salary: $57,006 per year

11. Hotel manager

National average salary: $57,337 per year

12. Environmental health and safety officer

National average salary: $97,767 per year

13. Captain

National average salary: $94,016 per year

14. Recreation coordinator

National average salary: $88,047 per year

15. Electrical engineer

National average salary: $87,174 per year

16. Director of operations or cruise director

National average salary: $86,242 per year

17. Nurse

National average salary: $84,144 per year

18. Maintenance manager

National average salary: $70,899 per year

19. Executive chef

National average salary: $65,334 per year

20. Chief engineer

National average salary: $61,408 per year

21. Security officer

National average salary: $59,933 per year

22. Plumber

National average salary: $59,434 per year

23. HVAC technician

National average salary: $57,595 per year

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