best voip for small business

Top 8 best voip for small business you run a small business, you must have one of the best phone services. VoIP services are becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. But what exactly is a VoIP? Most importantly, which VoIP services are the best for small businesses?

Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an internet phone service that lets you make and receive calls online. With VoIP for small businesses, you can talk, video chat, instant message, and more. You can not even do these things with a landline phone.

best voip for small business 2022
best voip for small business 2022

Why Do I Need a Small Business VoIP System?

VoIP services for small businesses provide faster customer service, more efficient internal communications, and more. The prices of these systems are usually lower than those of traditional phone systems.

VoIP services allow you to track call duration, queues, and hold times. There are also advanced features available with VoIP. Some of these services include call forwarding, call waiting, automatic call routing, and caller identification.

With VoIP, you can get business phone numbers, extensions, or customized plans based on your needs.

A website with business phone services can also improve communication with customers. Sometimes live chat and contact forms are less helpful than online phone support.

Best VoIP Services for Small Businesses

We’ll get started with a quick overview of our best services.









Top VoIP Services for Small Business

Now that we’ve answered “what is a VoIP?” and explained a bit about why your small business needs one, let’s look at our selection of the best business phone services. 

Now that we’ve answered what is a VoIP? Now that we’ve discussed why your small business needs a business phone service, let’s check out the best ones out there.

1 . Nextiva 

best voip for small business 2022

With Nextiva, you have a powerful unified communication system for small and large businesses.

Unlimited calling, texting, and internet faxing are included in Nextiva’s business communication service.

There are also options for auto-attendants, audio conferencing, and voicemail transcription.

You can arrange for VoIP service from the company if you plan to run a contact center.

Top Nextiva VoIP Features

99.999% uptime

Sells and leases phones

Free toll-free, virtual voicemail, & auto attendant

24/7 live support

Advanced VoIP conferencing with call recording

Integrates with other apps

Historical and live call data

Nextiva VoIP Pricing

Essential: $17.95 – $23.95 per user per month

Enterprise: $31.95 – $37.95 per user per month

Professional: $21.95 – $27.95 per user per month

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2 . RingCentral

best voip for small business 2022

The RingCentral business VoIP phone service is ideal for small companies as well as larger corporations. With one program, you can talk, message, and watch videos.

It goes beyond customer interactions. In addition to improving on-premise communication and streamlining workflow, RingCentral can enable internal messaging and file sharing as well.

It is compatible with computers, tablets, mobile phones, and softphones. RingCentral offers all-inclusive plans. Connect with customers and grow your business with their essential features.

Call forwarding, unlimited calling, instant messaging, and call logs are just some of the benefits offered. As well as providing toll-free and local numbers, they also provide voicemail-to-text capabilities.

Top RingCentral VoIP Features

Over 250 app integrations, including 

Enhanced business SMS

Available in over 110 countries

Salesforce and G Suite

Real-time analytics

Provides a toll-free number


RingCentral VoIP Pricing

Essentials: $19.99 per user per month

Standard: $22.99 to $27.99 per user per month

Premium: $32.99 – $34.99 per user per month

Ultimate: $42.99 to $49.99 per user per month

3 . Ooma 

best voip for small business 2022

Its services are scalable and can grow along with your business. A small company can seem big with Ooma’s advanced features. The services include a virtual receptionist, a toll-free number, and hold music.

The program offers call forwarding, smartphone apps, and spam blocking. Advanced features of Ooma include video conferencing, call recording, voicemail transcription, and more. best voip for small business 2022

Top Ooma VoIP Features

Multi ring

Ring groups

Mobile app

You can set up business hours to route calls as needed

Virtual receptionist

Simple faxing

Free local phone number

Ooma VoIP Pricing

Ooma Office Essentials: 19.95 dollars per user per month

Ooma Office Pro: 24.95 dollars per user per month

Ooma Office Pro Plus: 29.95 dollars user per month

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4. Grasshopper

best voip for small business 2022

Grasshopper offers phone services for small businesses and self-employed people. The system allows you to integrate your personal phone with a business phone system. Keeping business and personal communications separate doesn’t require buying devices.

Top Grasshopper VoIP Features

Free trial

24/7 support

Voicemail transcription.

you can transfer the current number

Vanity toll-free numbers and local numbers are available; you can transfer the current number.

Desktop and mobile apps

Business texting

Call forwarding


Grasshopper VoIP Pricing

Solo: 26 dollars per month (1 phone number, 3 extensions)

Partner: 44 dollars per month (3 phone numbers, 6 extensions)

Small Business: 80 dollars month (5 phone numbers, unlimited extensions)

Prices are for annual billing.

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5. Dialpad

best voip for small business 2022

Dialpad is a leading VoIP service for businesses of all sizes. From startups to global companies, they serve a wide range of clients.

With Dialpad, you can conduct video meetings, send SMS and MMS messages, and more. All of this can be done from one user-friendly desktop and mobile application.

Dialpad’s artificial intelligence (AI) is one of its coolest features. You don’t need to assign a notetaker to meetings or calls since it transcribes them.

Top Dialpad VoIP Features

2-week free trial

Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations

100% uptime SLA

Unlimited video meetings

AI assistant takes notes and transcribes calls

Unlimited outbound calling in the US and Canada

Dialpad VoIP Pricing

Standard: $15 per user per month

Pro: $25 per user per month

Enterprise: Contact Dialpad

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6. Vonage

best voip for small business 2022

The Vonage VoIP service offers voice, video, and messaging functions. Vonage provides international calling. For companies making outbound calls overseas, this is essential.

All plans include unlimited calls, SMS messages, and team messaging. As well as Vonage’s app center, VoIP’s desktop and mobile applications are also available. By upgrading, you can integrate CRMs, hold large meetings, record calls on demand, and more. best voip for small business 2022

Top Vonage VoIP Features

A total of 20+ integrations, including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and G Suite.

99.999% uptime.

Over 40 countries are supported.

On a pay-as-you-go basis, Voice API personalizes customer service.

Voice, video, and messaging in one app.

Customers and employees can communicate virtually anywhere, anytime.

SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger are all captured in Business Inboxes.

Vonage VoIP Pricing

Mobile: $14.99 to $19.99 per line per month

Premium: $24.99 to  $29.99 per line per month

Advanced: $34.99 to $39.99 per line per month

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7. CallHippo 

best voip for small business 2022

The CallHippo virtual business phone system is easy to use. Customers can get pre-sale answers. Amazon and Shopify are among the 5,000 brands that use this business phone system. callhippo is one of the best voip for small business 2022

With CallHippo, you can make calls to over 190 countries instantly. It tells you when to call customers based on their country of origin.

There is also a call center option available. Real-time analytics, automatic distribution, and call monitoring are some of these features.

Top CallHippo VoIP Features

Free trial.

It takes less than three minutes to set up.

It integrates with a wide range of popular plugins and programs.

A user-friendly setup for managing calls.

Video conferencing made easy.

A power dialer that automatically calls numbers from a list you upload.

CallHippo VoIP Pricing

Bronze: $16 per user per month

Silver: $24 per user per month

Platinum: $40 per user per month

Enterprise: $48 per user per month

Many add-ons available at additional costs

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8. 8×8

best voip for small business 2022

VoIP plans from 8×8 include all the standard features of an internet business phone system. A few of these include voice, chat, virtual meetings, internet faxes, and communication analytics. 8×8 is one of the best voip for small business 2022

It is available on IOS and Android for smartphones and tablets.

Top 8×8 VoIP Features

Team messaging

Rich analytics and insights for every interaction

Call recordings


Visual voicemail

Unlimited video conferencing with transcription

8×8 VoIP Pricing

8×8 Express: $15 per user per month

X2: $25 per user per month

X4: $44 per user per month

Get started with 8×8 today!

Advantages and disadvantahes of VoIP Business Phone Systems

Some small business owners believe VoIP systems aren’t worth the investment. How about using a landline (or personal device) and messaging on social media?

You are right to ask these questions, and VoIP may not be for everyone. The following are some of the pros and cons of VoIP systems.

VoIP Pros

A business VoIP provider offers scalability. You can add advanced features to your VoIP phone service as your business grows.

VoIP offers a lot of features. Compared to landlines, VoIP systems offer video conferencing, text messaging, call routing, and other features that landlines cannot provide.

The result is that you no longer need to keep someone watching your social media messenger AND your phone at all times. Phone lines are not always necessary. There are some VoIP services that work only with computers and mobile devices.

Businesses can use this to use BYOD (bring your own device). With BYOD, workers can communicate using their own devices while protecting their private information. The VoIP service provider is accessed by employees via their cell phones or other devices.

Responses can be automated using VoIP. VoIP systems allow customers to get answers without talking to a representative. Many VoIP business phones are equipped with auto-attendants. Calls can be automatically routed to the right person by auto-attendants. best voip for small business 2022

In this way, receptionists can focus on more critical tasks. It is possible to save money by using VoIP business phone services. On landlines, long-distance calls are more expensive than local calls. With VoIP, you don’t have to pay that extra cost.

Business phones can be accessed by remote workers. Your workers must be in the office if you use analog phones. A VoIP phone system can be integrated with a CMS or CRM. Most businesses use CRMs or CMSs. 

It can be helpful to be able to connect phones and messages to them so that miscommunications can be minimized.

There are some VoIP services that offer intraoffice communication. Many VoIP systems allow you to message other employees via text.

VoIP disadvantages

VoIP businesses require a stable internet connection. Without web access, most VoIP services cannot function. Call quality may be affected if your internet provider isn’t stable or doesn’t have enough bandwidth. 

When you run a business in a place without reliable internet, you may need to choose an analog solution. In the same way, you need strong electricity. When your area loses power frequently, business doesn’t always stop. 

There is no need for electricity to operate a landline phone. Even if you generally switch to VoIP, having at least one on site may be beneficial for security. BYOD may face pushback. Some workers are uncomfortable using their own devices at work.

If you look at VoIP options, you may find that there are too many. It has been shown that too many options can lead to buyer’s remorse! Traditionally, desk phones only need a local provider.

The security of your data can be a concern. Ensure the security of your company’s and your customers’ information when researching VoIP. best voip for small business 2022

Certain types of businesses can be harmed by VoIP. 

Are you able to provide emergency services, such as private ambulances? The exact location of VoIP phones can’t always be determined, and people may not always be at home when they call. It is better to use a landline for this purpose.

Do VoIP Pros Outweigh VoIP Cons?

VoIP calling features can benefit most modern businesses. As well as scalability and flexibility, they offer standard plugins and software integrations. However, VoIP systems are not suitable for all types of businesses.

FAQs About VoIP for Small Business Services

What’s the best VoIP service?

Our top VoIP service pick is Nextiva. The company offers instant conference calls, an auto-attendant, and a 24/7 customer support line.

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