How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Introduction to Facebook ads

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns Facebook ads is basically a feature of Facebook that allows you to promote your business to large audience, by paying real money, for Everytime Facebook shows your business to your defined audience.

You can use it to promote your products or services, affiliate offers, business visibility and even as a source of traffic to earn from your blog Facebook ads has the most detailed targeting option in the advertisement industry.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns
How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns



1) The most important thing when running Facebook ads

2) Understanding facebook ads structure

3) Facebook ads basic set-up


4) Performance Optimization

5) Understanding Facebook ads algorithm

6) The secret behind successful Facebook ads

The most important thing when running Facebook ads

Conversation and a good profit ratio is the ultimate goal when running Facebook ads. Take note of that to evaluate your profits potential, there’s a strategy you can use. It’s what I call Reverse Engineering your competitors. This a simply a method of spying on your competitors ads, and getting ads ideas as well as hints if you could make a profit or not.

Let’s take a look at it.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

what a typical Facebook ads look like, this thing appears once in every 3 organic Facebook feeds.To see other people’s running ads go to facebook library. Select country, pick the all ads option and search for a Keyword.

Every Facebook ads that contains that keyword will be shown to you You can see their ads content, image as well as the date which the ads was launched

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

When checking your competitors ads, the time which the ads was launched says a lot about the ads. An ad which has run for a long period of time is most likely a successful one. Who will run an advert for 6 month if they are not making profits ? 

Understanding facebook ads structure

Understanding Facebook ads Structure

1) Ads Campaign: Group all your ads set , and set campaign objective

 2) Ads set: Target your audience and define your ads preferences ( preferences such as platforms to advertise on, budget, ads Optimization, interest and demographic targeting, and a lot more )

3) Ads creatives : your ads image, videos, links and text

Ads Campaign level☝️

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’re trying to get traffic to your website, you go for the traffic objective. If you’re trying to sale an online product, you go for the website conversions (Make sure to install pixel on this one, if not, you’ll waste lots of money )

Audience targeting in ads set level.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Hints: Never target more than one interest or demographic, to avoid audience overlapping ( I’ll explain this). If your ads could be understood by a wide range of audience,. then leave it blank, Facebook algorithm will take time to learn about your ads, and will define the right audience

( Note, this will take up to 5 days of running the ads, before Facebook algorithm can know who your right audience are, before this time, you may spend a lot with not much results, buy after the learning phase of the ads, you’ll start getting results)

Hint: There’s an audience targeting option called : “Engaged shoppers” If you’re selling a product, then try it out, this option targets people who had recently clicked a link on Facebook to purchase a product.

Facebook ads Performance Optimization

It doesn’t stop with running Facebook ads, you must be able Analyze your results and Optimize for best performance. Trust me. On Facebook ads, the cost of reaching men with your ads is not the same cost as reaching women.

The cost of targeting age 18 – 25 is not the same as targeting age 40 – 45. The cost of targeting African countries is not same as targeting European countries. Below, I’ll send analysis on one of my Facebook ads, so you can see what I mean by this

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns
How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

The above is ads spend, sort by age. As you can see, people with age of 55 and above is more expensive to target. It cost about 8 naira per link click to target people with age of 55 and above about 4 Naira per link Click to target people with age 18 – 24

So what do you do?

You simply stops your ads from reaching these ages with high cost per results, and focus on the more efficient ones. The above is also applicable to country and gender. To see the above stats easily.  Download the Facebook ads apps on your smartphone

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns
How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

You can also see for countries above. Some countries are generally more expensive to target.

Understanding Facebook ads algorithm

First of all, Facebook ads works like an auction. This means that for every 3 feeds on Facebook news, an ads is supposed to appear on your screen. The ads that appears actually depends on which advertiser won the auction space to display these ads.

Every Facebook user has a value, one Facebook user is more expensive to target than the other,  hence, for your ads to appear to the top audience category in your industry, you must stay on top of your bid in these auction.

If not, your ads will appear to people with lesser value, people less likely to convert. And in situations where your bids in these auction is too low, then your ads may not reach anybody at all

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

As you can see from the screen above, There are two major bid strategy.

1. Automatic: you allow Facebook to bid for automatically in every auction, in this case,. Facebook will try to stay on top of your price and show your ads to as many people as your budget can reach

2. Manual Bid: Here, it is up to you to tell Facebook how much you intend to pay per click

Facebook will try to bid within your range, and will not charge you more than the certain amount per Click.

However, If this amount is too low,  then you will lose in the auction every time as long as there are people in the same industry who are bidding more amount of money than you, and your ads may not actually reach people.

The secret behind successful Facebook ads

A successful Facebook ads is one where you’re spending less money to get more results.🔥

In summary, you need to get a low cost per results with good conversation and profit ratio remember, results in this case, can be link clicks, landing page views, purchases, or sign ups, apps install, etc )

There are actually two things that determines your cost per results

The two things thing that determines your cost per results

1) Reach: you must Optimize your ads to reach a lot of people,. If your ads doesn’t reach the maximum number of people for it’s budget, then your cost per results will actually be higher

The amount of people your ads reach is determined by the your targeted audience, and how they respond to your ads.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Let’s see an example,  if you set up two different ads, one targetting Nigeria, and the other targeting USA, using same budget,  the ads targetting Nigeria will actually reach more people than the one targeting USA.  (This explains why USA is more expensive to target than Nigeria)

Also, Your ads will reach more people if a lot of people respond to it by comments, likes, tagging their friends and sharing. Facebook will show it to more people if these responds are positive, however, if the respond is poor, then Facebook will restrict it from reaching more people.

To get people to respond to your ads,. Then use ads creatives that they can relate to, and write text that calls them to respond.

Hints: People engage & respond more to video ads , this explains why video ads usually perform better than image ads. See pictures below to understand better 👇

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Targeting the USA, your ads will reach between 702 – 2.0k people. This thing means that Facebook will try to ensure your ads reach up to 702 people, and if it have good engagement and response rate, then your ads coud reach up to 2,000 people and even more.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

And if you change the target country to Nigeria, your ads now have the potential to reach up to 12,000 people. For this reason and this reason alone, it will always be more expensive targeting the USA, than it is to target Nigeria.

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

And targeting Indians be doing the most. Up to 22,000 people will see the ads with same budget. This is largely due to population size, countries economy and audience quality (in this case, buying power)

Apart from the countries you target, the ads placement has a huge influence on your reach, which will in turn affect your Cost per results

How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

There are four major ads placement

With my experience in running Facebook ads, please take note of this

Instagram is the most expensive ads placement ( it cost more money to run ads on Instagram, this is due to audience quality, as a fact, let me say this, people who constantly use Instagram, will most likely have the money and exposure to buy your products, than people on Facebook.

There is a something called, free Facebook in my country, this makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to access Facebook, even tho they can only afford internet data, once in a whole year

Meanwhile, no free Instagram, plus Instagram consumes lots of internet data, so people wey no get money, no suppose go there sha😁  ) How to Create Low Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads placement starting from the most expensive.

1) Instagram: Very expensive, but the audience here will most likely buy a product or service

2) Messenger: Second most expensive but cheaper than Instagram

3) Facebook platform: Facebook feeds is quite cheap and usually have a good CTR

4) Audience Network: These are in apps and website ads from the Facebook company, it’s always very cheap, but the ads formats are also extremely interruptive, don’t expect high conversion here.

The Second Thing that Affect your Cost per results

2. Your CTR (Click through rate)

Facebook job is to show your ads to people and charge you money, either people click on it or not, doesn’t concern the Facebook company. Hence, it is up to you to do everything possible to get a high CTR.

To get a higher CTR on your ads. This one depends on your ads creatives. The images you’re using to run this ads, the context of the ads, also the placement of the ads ( ads shown on the news feed will get more clicks than the one on desktop right hand side )

Use an image that stands out from the news feed, and one that your audience can easily relate to Avoid image with too much text on it.

Hints: you can use different image/video and write up (in different ads set ) and see the one that perform better after 3 days

Note: Facebook ads has something called the learning phase, some times the learning phase can take up to a week.

That your advert didn’t perform well or comvert immediately after you set it up doesn’t mean it won’t perform well, Give the ads some time to run without making changes

For everytime you make changes on an ads, the learning phase reset, and will take even longer for the ads to learn again. Personally, I have adverts I have run for over 1 year due to the success from those ads, and I will never make a change to it. Mine is just to turn it on, and turn it off when I want to.

It is always better to create new ads, than to modify existing ones.

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