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Business Internet Providers for

Business Internet Providers for 2022 In order to maintain a successful business, it is sometimes necessary to have a fast and reliable internet connection that can handle the workload of your employees as well as optimize your business operations.

A business internet connection offers faster speeds, no latency during high traffic times, and unlimited data, all of which make it an essential tool for business owners. Small and large corporations can also get business internet from ISPs.

Residential internet is most familiar, but ISPs also provide business internet for small businesses. When choosing a business internet provider, it’s essential to know the differences between business internet and residential internet.

To mitigate your research, we’ve outlined everything there is to know about business internet and which ISPs offer the best internet plans to ensure smooth broadband usage across all facets of your business. Business Internet Providers

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Best internet providers for business

Knowing the differences between residential and business internet is important when choosing an internet provider for your business.

You can find everything you need to know about business internet and which ISPs offer the best business broadband plans here in order to minimize your research.

Business Internet Providers

Small Business vs. Large Corporation

In general, business internet and enterprise internet are interchangeable, but enterprise internet is often used to refer to large corporations.

A small business’s internet performance differs greatly from a large corporation’s based on both prices and speeds.

Since large corporations usually have more than 30 employees on the same connection, faster speeds are needed. As a result, enterprise internet plans are also more expensive. Business Internet Providers


There’s one key difference between business internet and residential internet, and it’s price.

The cost of business internet is higher because ISPs offer more features and prioritize high speeds and uptime.

There are several ISPs that offer business internet plans for hundreds of dollars per month, but keep in mind that an expensive plan does not necessarily mean the best plan for your business.


As with pricing, speeds vary according to the type of business. Small businesses need around 75 Mbps speeds, while large corporations need 500 Mbps or higher.

If your business has more connected devices or users, you’ll need higher internet speeds1.

It is important to know that advertised speeds might not reflect actual internet speeds you experience – you can take a speed test to find out what your internet speed is. Business Internet Providers

Business Internet Providers
Business Internet Providers

Data Caps

Business internet plans typically don’t have data caps since there are likely to be at least five connected users or devices, which can quickly consume data.

Most ISPs who include data caps with their business internet plans give a generous allowance – around 1 TB.

A business internet plan without data caps is the best choice if your business requires unlimited data.

Connection Types

  • There are the
  • same types of connections for business internet as for residential internet: DSL, cable, fiber-optic, satellite, and fixed wireless.
  • ISPs may offer more than one type of connection based on the location of your business.
  • A Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is one of the oldest internet connection types available, but it’s still available and delivers high-speed internet through your phone line. its still the Business Internet Providers
Business Internet Providers
Business Internet Providers
  • Cable internet is widely available in populated areas due to its widespread coverage. The data is transferred over existing cable TV coaxial lines at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.
  • Fiber-optic: In fiber-optic internet, data is transmitted through glass-threaded strands at light speeds. Business internet speeds can reach 1,000 Mbps at the moment.
Business Internet Providers
Business Internet Providers
  • Satellite internet: Popular in rural areas, satellite internet transmits and receives data through a dish installed on your roof. It’s not as fast as cable or fiber, but if your business is in a remote area, it’s the best option.
Business Internet Providers
  • Fixed wireless: In addition to fixed wireless, there is also fixed wireless internet, which is a popular option for businesses that do not want to depend on cable lines for internet access. Two fixed cellular towers transmit radio waves to create an internet connection.


There are a few ISPs that offer contract-free plans, although most require long-term agreements. Similar to residential internet contracts, business internet contracts last between 1-2 years.

You should be aware of early termination fees and other hidden costs when signing any contract.

These fees are often outlined in the fine print, so it’s important to read the terms of service before signing up.

When signing a contract, be sure to look for automatic renewals, paperless billing, and price guarantees


When your business needs a phone line to take calls from customers, a bundle is the best way to add telephone service to your internet plan.

You can often save a considerable amount of money by bundling your internet with TV and/or phone services.

ISPs sometimes offer free upgrades to your services when you bundle your services in addition to a lower monthly fee.

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Statistics on the Business Internet

Business internet traffic reached approximately 112.7 billion gigabytes in 2019, almost a quarter more than in 2019.

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in an increase of 11.6 percent in fixed broadband consumption between January and March of 2022, especially for businesses that shifted from on-site to online operations.Business Internet Providers

Small businesses in rural areas could generate up to $80 billion in revenue if they had access to broadband. As with residential internet users, business internet users are increasingly reliant on digital services and tools.

A new wave of residential and business internet users have been introduced by the pandemic, resulting in an increase in daily web traffic and data use.

Best Business Internet Providers

A wide range of business internet providers also offer residential internet, so you probably know these providers. However, they differ in terms of pricing, data caps, and speeds.

Check with your ISP’s sales representative for the available prices and speeds in your area. Here are our top picks for business internet providers.


Best Affordable Business Internet USA 

Business Internet Providers

Pros: Verizon’s most expensive business internet plan runs on the cheaper side compared to other ISPs’ most expensive plans.

Verizon’s Gigabit Connection plan includes a phone line for $249 per month with a three-year price guarantee.

We don’t want to pay more than advertised, so it’s great to know Verizon won’t sneak up on us with price hikes or hidden charges.

Cons: Verizon is one of the ISPs that requires contracts with their business internet plans, ranging from 12 to 36 months in length.

There are also many complaints about latency, which can interfere with video conferences and work-related activities. A lack of latency during business operations leads to an overall decline in productivity.


Best Contract-Free Business Internet USA 

spectrum business internet

Pros: Spectrum offers business internet plans that are contract-free, unlike Verizon. They also offer affordable high-speed plans with download speeds between 200 and 940 Mbps.

You won’t have to worry about data caps with Spectrum’s cable internet service. You won’t have to worry about early termination fees since there are no monthly contracts.

Cons: Their upload speeds are much slower than their download speeds. For businesses that constantly upload large files, this can be a turnoff.

A file uploading takes a long time, and the longer you wait, the less productive you feel. Business Internet Providers

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USA Best Unlimited Data Business Internet

Business Internet Providers

Prod The best part about Xfinity’s business internet plans is that they offer unlimited data – a godsend for data-intensive businesses. They offer symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. With a 99.998 percent uptime guarantee, Comcast can keep businesses online almost 100% of the time.

Cons: One downside is that they have a higher-priced plan that costs $499.95 a month. We also don’t like their limited fiber coverage. If you’re considering Comcast’s business internet service, proceed with caution because of their hidden fees.


Best High-Speed Business Internet — AT&T

Business Internet Providers

at&t business internet

Pros: AT&T’s DSL internet for businesses is surprisingly fast, even though fiber speeds are worth bragging about.

A fiber internet plan has a download speed of 1,000 Mbps, while a DSL plan has a download speed of 500 Mbps. AT&T’s fiber internet may not be available in your area, but their DSL internet may be.

Cons: There is nothing wrong with AT&T’s gigabit speeds, but not with its price. The company’s most expensive fiber internet plan costs $550 per month, which may turn away business owners who can’t afford the service.

If you’re looking for an affordable fiber internet plan, Verizon Fios might be a better choice since AT&T has limited fiber coverage. Business Internet Providers

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Best Rural Business Internet — Viasat

Business Internet Providers

Pros: As one of the few satellite internet providers in the U.S., Viasat offers multiple high-speed business internet plans. They offer download speeds between 35 and 100 Mbps,

which are much faster than their residential internet connections. Furthermore, Viasat doesn’t immediately shut off our internet when we reach our data limit because there’s no hard cap.

Cons: They don’t offer the most budget-friendly business internet plans, as they require a 24-month contract. As a result of throttling, customers have experienced high latency and slower speeds.

In general, we recommend going with another ISP if you can rather than opting for satellite internet because you can get the same speeds for a lower price with other ISPs.

Summary of the Best Business Internet

Business internet shopping isn’t much different from residential internet shopping, but there are a few points to keep in mind. The number of internet users within your business will increase. When shopping for business internet, consider the following:

  • Business internet costs more than residential internet.
  • Small businesses require slower speeds than large corporations.
  • Location determines prices and speeds.
  • In most cases, ISPs do not include data caps in their business internet plans.
  • For certain businesses, bundles may save you more money, but aren’t always necessary.
  • Whether it’s reliability or security, they are equally important. Due to the fact that ISPs prioritize and optimize internet performance for businesses, it is less likely that you will run into issues like you might with residential internet. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Business Internet in 2022

What is the reason for the higher cost of business internet compared to residential internet?

The additional features and higher speeds of business internet help to optimize business operations and account for the large number of employees. As a result, internet service providers also prioritize business internet uptimes.

Which internet speed is best for businesses?

Business internet speeds depend on how many connected devices or users there are, but a baseline is 150 Mbps for 10-15 devices. It is recommended that businesses with more than 30 connected devices or users use 1,000 Mbps.

What’s the difference between business internet and residential internet?

The main difference between business internet and residential internet is performance. There are more restrictions on residential internet speeds and connections, while business internet has higher speeds and dedicated connections.

In order to prevent their customers’ businesses from losing customers, Internet providers prioritize business internet.

What is the best business internet for small businesses?

For small businesses, the best Internet provider depends on their needs. Verizon Fios offers affordable business internet plans ranging from $69 to $249 per month. Viasat’s satellite business internet offers widespread coverage in rural areas. The speed of AT&T’s business

What is the best internet speed for a small business?

the best internet speed for a small business will depend on the number of people using the internet within your business, the type of internet service provider you are using, and the size of your business.

For businesses with fewer than 10 employees, a broadband internet service with speeds of up to 25 Mbps is generally sufficient. For businesses with 10-50 employees, a broadband internet service with speeds of up to 50 Mbps is generally sufficient.

For businesses with more than 50 employees, a broadband internet service with speeds of up to 100 Mbps is generally sufficient.

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