Day Trader Vs Swing Trader – Whats the Difference ?

[tps_title]Time commitment [/tps_title]


the time commitment for a day trader is a minimum of two hours a day. the reason why you need a minimum of two hours a day is that you need time in front of the screens to scope for opportunities you need to take those opportunities you need to manage those trades while you’re in them all right and you’ve got to keep scanning for more opportunities.

so it’s a rinse and repeat kind of a cycle and it’s gonna take at least two hours a day. as for me, I like to trade for two hours I like to trade the US cash open into the European cash closed 9:30 a.m. till around 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time as well so minimum two hours a day someday traders like to trade from open to close 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. that’s not necessary you can still make a full-time income with only two hours a day

but your time commitment you’re gonna need to have those hours in front of the screen so this is more applicable if you have the freedom of schedule you have flexibility in your schedule to sit in front of the screen for those two hours of the session for at least the cash open all right if you have that time flexibility or you want

to do this full-time you’re gonna need to have those hours available to do that successfully whereas a swing trader they’ll only really require you know 30 minutes a day minimum to trade that strategy successfully and the reason for that is because a majority of your analysis for swing trading for the week going forward

can be done on the weekend when the market is closed so when the market opens up for the coming week a swing trader will just keep an eye on you know the pairs that they’re watching or the stocks that they’re watching and they’re going to set their orders to see what gets triggered what doesn’t get triggered and all they need in those 30 minutes is to place new orders 

and to manage existing orders so you’re not really looking for too much a majority of your opportunities you already know what you’re looking for or before the market even opens so throughout the week you’re gonna need maybe 30 minutes just to update those orders and to set new ones so the time commitment as you guys can see as a swing trader it’s a lot more passive

than day trading and what that means is that if you hold a full-time job a nine-to-five and you’re not able to sit in front of the screen for those at least two hours, a day swing trading is a viable alternative for you to still be active in the industry you know while adjusting to your schedule while making the market work within your actual schedule. that is the time commitment between these two strategies.

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