Day Trader Vs Swing Trader – Whats the Difference ?



this article with regards to the key differences between day trading and swing trading. I do hope that this article is a little bit more insight into the differences between the two strategies and helped you kind of define which one is better suited for you. at this point now that being said what we often say is a good day trader will make a great swing trader whereas a good swing trader doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be a great day trader alright and the reason for this is because a day trader you’re looking at the smallest price

fluctuations and as a swing trader you’re looking at larger price fluctuations all right so as you start you can choose one of these styles to start with all right and then you can kind of mesh the two and that’s typically what we see is most people will start as swing traders as they get more experienced in the markets as they start making money then they start venturing towards day trading and the reason we like day trading is because you can essentially come from a swing trading background get into

day trading and then you can start and take trades starting them off as day trades and then utilize your experience as a swing trader to extend those profit targets and take a day trade to start and extend that into a swing trading

the position that is really where the money is made in these markets if you can start a day trade with very tight risk and take profit as if it was a swing trade you know that’s going to be a lot more than a three to one kind of risk-reward profile so I hope you guys enjoyed this article thank you for your time stay blessed.

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