What is Email Validation 2022 Guide

What is email validation 

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Email validation or verifying of email is a process of confirming its validity and existence. Also, it ensures whether the email address is deliverable as well as having a reputable domain such as Gmail. But why must you validate the email address?

There are many reasons to validate your email addresses. It helps keep spam out of your mailbox by ensuring that it is not a bogus address. If you verify your emails, then you know that when someone sends you an email, you can be sure it will show up in your inbox and not get lost in cyberspace.

Email validation can be done in various ways: 

  1. Using the “verify” link provided by Gmail when signing up for an account or sending an invitation to another Gmail account.
  2. Adding your domain name into the SPF record.
  3. Using Google’s DKIM tool to take advantage of their public DNS service.

Why You Must Validate Email Addresses

Email validation is necessary for a few reasons.

  1. It ensures the email address is deliverable and has a reliable domain such as Gmail.
  2. It can help prevent fraud and spam on your website.
  3. It also helps to limit the number of bounces (invalid email addresses) you’ll get on your email list.This will help you save time and energy by not sending emails to people who don’t exist or can’t receive them.
  4. email validation is an important step in creating a successful email marketing campaign.

How Does Email Validation Work ?

Email validation is a small but important step to take before sending out an email campaign. Why? Open rates are the number one factor in determining whether or not someone will buy from you. If your email goes to spam, chances are they’ll never see it. Additionally, if your email address is incorrect or invalid, it will likely go to spam and be lost forever.

Before sending out an email campaign, take the time to verify your recipient’s emails so they can receive your message and take action on it. To do this, we recommend that you try a tool like Verify Email Address . It’s simple and intuitive and has a nifty “Find My Email” feature that makes it easy for customers to find their email addresses when they don’t know them offhand.

How to Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Emails

Validating email addresses can be done without sending emails. This is a great way to avoid spamming someone you’re trying to reach. Consider the following:

  1. The domain of the person’s email doesn’t exist or it’s invalid;
  2. The person may not have an email account at all.
  3. The person is on vacation and won’t receive their messages for weeks;
  4. It could be that the people’s email address is misspelled, outdated, or turned off. 

But what if you want to validate someone’s email address without sending emails? You can use this tool called Email Checker Plus. All you need to do is enter their email address and click on “Validate.” If they are real, the tool will tell you the user’s name and mailing address.

Email Validation Tools

Email validation is a process of verifying an email address to confirm its validity and existence. Validating your email list will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. If you have contact information that doesn’t exist, then it’s a waste of time and resources.

Luckily, there are many tools and services available to validate your email list. Some examples include:

  1. MailChimp
  2. SmartyStreets
  3. DataVerify
  4. Clearbit Connect
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