Day Trader Vs Swing Trader – Whats the Difference ?

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as a day trader as the name would imply you’re looking to get in and out of trades on the same day your holding period is intra-day. what that means is you start the session in cash and you try to end the session in cash ideally with more in

the account than what you started the day with that’s the whole purpose of day trading it’s to make consistent income to make distant cash flow and as a result of this style of trading the holding period will be anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes can even go up to an hour or two but your holding period will generally be under six hours which is typically a trading session.

[tps_title]How long should you hold a forex trade ?[/tps_title]

How long should you hold a forex trade ?

as a day trader, you’re going to be holding and getting rid of those positions intraday whereas as a swing trader you’re going to be holding trades anywhere from one day up to several weeks. as a swing trader you’re generally looking for larger moves whereas a day trader is looking for intraday moves a swing trader will be looking for a longer-term kind of movement and as such the trades will take a little bit more time to develop and play out and that’s why the holding period is a little bit longer than a day trader

that being an overnight hold up to several weeks alright so swing traders as you guys can see from the first example these guys are a bit more passive in their approach they’re not getting in as many times and that’s because they’re looking for larger positions.

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